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Expand 2021 brought the web design and developer community together online to connect and share. Whether you missed the event or want to revisit, we’ve got recordings of all the speeches and sessions, plus additional content to help you learn and grow.

Start + Build

Focused on starting and building your business efficiently, the first day of Expand 2021 covered strategies for creating quality work, identifying ecommerce opportunities for clients and improving collaboration skills.

Img Thumbnail Aman Bhutani


Aman Bhutani, CEO, GoDaddy

Aman kicked off Expand 2021 with a discussion of GoDaddy Pro’s vision to empower web designers and developers to expand their business. He was joined by Adam Warner, GoDaddy Pro Global Field Marketing Senior Manager, and Tara Wellington, GoDaddy Pro Senior Director of Product Management.

Img Thumbnail Cllifford Almeida

Creating Lasting Client Relationships

Cliff Almeida, Founder, My Web Audit

You know how to create for clients, but do you know how to communicate with them? In this session, learn how to land the right clients for the right price, set reasonable expectations, keep projects on track and build trust.

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Img Thumbnail Jean Perpillant

Work Smarter with the Perfect Project Stack

Jean Perpillant, Owner, JPDesign Theory

In this session, learn how to create a reusable collection of tools and task lists to templatize web development and give you a head start on every project, so you can spend your time customizing instead of recreating.

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Img Thumbnail Sam Greenspan

Build Profitable Online Stores Using WooCommerce

Sam Greenspan, Sr. Marketing Specialist, GoDaddy

Your ecommerce clients need to make sales, and they need you to help them make it happen. In this session, learn how to quickly launch an online store with WooCommerce with premium extensions from SkyVerge and Automattic.

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Img Thumbnail Jonathan Wold

Ecommerce Opportunities for Pros in 2021

Jonathan Wold, Community Wrangler, WooCommerce

This session covers growth areas in ecommerce (including subscription businesses and  marketplaces) and how you can tap into those opportunities with WooCommerce, as well as the value of getting involved in the WooCommerce community.

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Thrive + Grow

Building on topics from the previous day, we zeroed in on ways to thrive as a web designer and developer, covering topics like streamlining your workflow, strengthening website security and optimizing user experiences to grow your brand.

Img Thumbnail Victor Santoyo

Maximizing Website Security for You, Your Clients and Your Business

Victor Santoyo. Sr. Account Executive for Sucuri Security

An online store is only as good as its security. In this session, learn how to set up the ecommerce security your clients expect, as well as how to help your clients profit from a fully secured online store.

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Img Thumbnail Kristina Romero

How To Streamline and Scale My Business With Care Plans

Kristina Romero, Owner, WP Care Market

Regular website maintenance is vital to your clients’ success, but it’s also a great way to bolster client relationships. In this session, learn how to educate and sell clients on long-term website care plans to help them improve the security and performance of their websites.

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Img Thumbnail Cathi Bosco

Work on Your Core: Web Design Practices You'll Use Everyday

Cathi Bosco, Co-Founder, UXATT

This session covers consistent design principles that will enhance the quality of your work. Whether you started building sites as a designer, developer, or an implementer, you’ll receive key takeaways and actionable steps to take your projects to the next level.

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Img Thumbnail Denaro Rudnick

Using Core Web Vitals To Build an Efficient UI

Salvatore Denaro, Web Ecosystem Consultant, Google
Katherine Rudnik, Strategic Partner Manager, Google

Optimizing for quality of user experience is key to the success of any site, and Google provides a number of tools to measure and report on performance. In this session, you’ll learn how to use Core Web Vitals to quantify site experience and identify opportunities to improve.

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