GoDaddy and Barış Arduç encourage people to start their own business online

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Selina Bieber

Working nine-to-five isn’t for everyone, nor do we all fit into one single mold. Have you been thinking of starting your own business or thing? Afraid to take the plunge? You are not alone. The world has enough giants, but not enough you.
GoDaddy and Barış Arduç team up once again for GoDaddy’s second online campaign, encouraging people to start their own business and leverage an online presence.

There are enough giants, but not enough you.

Once again, the campaign inspires current and aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners across Turkey and the Middle East North Africa Region (MENA) to put more of themselves into the world and get their ideas online with GoDaddy. The campaign highlights small businesses that have succeeded online with the help of GoDaddy products and services. In the campaign, Barış Arduç encourages viewers to start their businesses and go online, you can watch the campaign here:

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Enough giants

start business baris arduc giants

The global pandemic has created unique challenges for businesses of all sizes, especially for small businesses. According to GoDaddy’s entrepreneurship survey 66% of small business owners and entrepreneurs in the MENA have said that their top concern during the pandemic is reaching new customers This is followed by concerns around keeping the employees motivated and expanding their online presence to sell their products.
Throughout the past year, we have seen many entrepreneurs and small businesses across Turkey and the MENA Region go online to help keep their doors open, and we continue to respond to the situation by minimizing the economic impact to our customers with free tools and ensuring our services and help are always available. At GoDaddy, we focus on helping budding entrepreneurs and small businesses be present and visible among the giants and grow their business with our easy-to-use and affordable tools including our Arabic Website Builder and E-store.

Inspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business

We are pleased to have Barış Arduç on board again to help encourage individuals to take the first step and inspire small business owners across Turkey and the MENA Region.

start business sabry marouf bag
Sabry Marouf ( Striped Tutankhamun Minaudiere

The campaign focuses on real GoDaddy customers who have taken their businesses online with GoDaddy. It showcases what different types of businesses have in common when it comes to using digital technology: opening their doors online and connecting with their audience.

For example, Ahmed Sabry and Daki Marouf, two individuals with shared ideas, ideals and a shared commitment to doing things differently. Based out of their East London studio, they create modern-day, wearable artefacts. Their creations pay tribute to their shared heritage, combining aspects of Ancient Egypt with contemporary expression. They use their website to sell their creations and to offer rich content that educates their audience.

dem atelier jewelry deniz yavuz
Deniz Yavuz from Dem Atelier ( operating in Istanbul.

Deniz Yavuv creates Handmade clay jewelry, inspired by natural forms and textures in its designs. Dem Atelier brings life to ceramic clay jewelry based on natural substances, each made with great care and affection. Deniz’s website is as colorful and vibrant as her designs and creations. You can check her collections and her social pages through her website.

usf sherif photographer model start business
Usf Sherif ( operating in Cairo.

Operating in Cairo, Egypt Usf Sherif is a photographer interested in fashion and fine art photography. He uses storytelling to visualize his thoughts, feelings, past experiences, and tackles some of the issues in the world through the medium of fashion—making it more than just pretty items on pretty people. His website showcases his work and tells stories through photographs.

GoDaddy offers small business owners and entrepreneurs the tools that are tailored for different needs and levels of technical knowledge. While beginners might prefer GoDaddy Websites + Marketing to get a quick, affordable and professional start; more technical users can choose GoDaddy WordPress Hosting to power more complex online presences.

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