GoDaddy and Barış Arduç join forces for small businesses looking to start a business or digitalize their own

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Selina Bieber

We realize that those who want to start a business may have many questions in mind: Am I ready to be the boss of my own business? Should I head this way or should I give up? Can I quit my current job or do I need a side hustle? Those who are already entrepreneurs or small businesses owners are trying to reach more people and become more visible and accessible.

As a company that focuses on providing the tools and help necessary for entrepreneurs around the world to succeed in the online world, we have launched our first local digital marketing campaign with Barış Arduç. The heroes of our campaign are our customers from Turkey and MENA who have succeeded online using GoDaddy's products and services. On the other hand, Barış Arduç plays a major role in telling both the stories of our customers, and also inspires those who want to start a business, small business owners and entrepreneurs to step into the online world.

Open the doors of the online world

As the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the MENA continues to grow, the importance of small businesses in the economy cannot be ignored. In this direction, we continue our efforts to raise awareness about the advantages of the online world.

According to the feedback we receive from our customers and followers in the MENA and those who want to start a business, small businesses think it would be a difficult and costly process to step into the online world. Today, at the point where technology has come, there are cost effective and non technical ways to open your doors to the online world. For example, you can start quickly and efficiently with Websites + Marketing tool, and you can also use tools that will attract people to your website. With Email Marketing, you can communicate with your customers and announce current news about your campaigns and business. You can also make it easier for people to find your business online with the Search Engine Optimization tool.

Digitalization is an important step in the process for those who want to start a business

start a business baris arduc guven tuhafiye
Güven Tuhafiye ( operates in Turgureis, Bodrum

For example, Güven Tuhafiye, operating in Turgutreis, Bodrum, which is included in our campaign, uses his website at to be more known in Bodrum Peninsula and attract more people to his shop. Those who need haberdashery and school clothes in the peninsula usually come to their shops to get the products they need by contacting them via their phone number on the website.

Dietician Ayşe Tuğba baris arduc
Dietician Ayşe Tuğba Şengel ( operates in Istanbul

Dietitian Ayşe Tuğba Şengel, whose office is located in Istanbul, has become a visible and reliable source in the field of nutrition and diet with her website. Stating that the website at is one of the most valuable investments of her business, Şengel regularly reaches 90 thousand people monthly with the data-based, scientific and quality content offered on the website.

adam film uae start a business
Adam Film ( operates in Dubai

Establishing your business is a process that takes courage especially in the Middle East region where competition is high and Adam Film is a name that succeeded. Adam Film, a production company that meets all kinds of needs, although he didn’t think that he needed a website when he first established it, today includes information about the company and the services it offers. Besides using the website as a communication tool, Adam Film also uses the Contact Form and Email Marketing features.

jam rolled ice cream baris arduc
Jam Rolled Ice Cream ( operates in Dubai

During the website setup process Jam Rolled Ice Cream, paid attention to matching their domain name with their brand name. Their website contains company information, products and videos about the process of making their products. Stating that being visible online and search engines helps them reach wider audiences, Jam Rolled Ice Cream defines their website as their “digital business card”.

Beards N ’Shears start a business
Beards N ’Shears ( operates in Abu Dhabi

Operating in Abu Dhabi and Dubai since 2018, Beards N ’Shears helps customers in the region find their own style with their expert staff and valuable services. Their website, includes company information and also the ability to set an online appointment.

As GoDaddy, we will continue to include the stories of our customers in our blog, Facebook and Instagram accounts. We hope that these stories inspire and give courage to small business owners, entrepreneurs and those who want to start a business in the MENA.

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