Success story: eWebGuru works with GoDaddy to boost bottom line

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Jessica Ropolo

GoDaddy partnered with eWebGuru to help the Indian company differentiate its hosting and domain services in a cluttered marketplace through competitive pricing, great promotions and professional marketing support.

The guru of web solutions

eWebGuru was founded in 2003, and is a leading web solutions provider based in Noida. Its growth trajectory has been much like India’s digital journey, growing at more than 30 percent per year. eWebGuru currently serves 25,000 customers in India and hosts nearly 175,000 websites, which include those for government offices, semi-government offices and corporations.

eWebGuru has built an enviable reputation for delivering enterprise-level solutions at affordable prices and has established itself as an authority in the hosting space.

Its leadership position is the result of a well-orchestrated strategy that includes forging strategic partnerships, like the one with GoDaddy, at the right time.

eWebGuru Website

A beneficial connection between GoDaddy and eWebGuru

eWebGuru Owner

To get an edge in the competitive web-hosting industry, eWebGuru decided to partner with GoDaddy in 2015. “Our decision was motivated by GoDaddy’s web solutions footprint and an attitude to add value to their partner network,” recalls company founder Ashok Arora.

Over time, the partnership with GoDaddy has multiplied the benefits it has brought eWebGuru.

The promotions that GoDaddy offers its partners, such as sale prices on domains, exclusive offers on hosting and bulk discounts, have helped eWebGuru be price-aggressive in the marketplace. eWebGuru has passed those benefits onto its customers, which has helped with customer retention and acquisition — translating to a healthier bottom line for the company.

Godaddy has supported eWebGuru’s efforts to excel in the market with strategic guidance, quarterly planning and marketing that has helped them grow by a phenomenal 20 percent per quarter. They regularly engage with the GoDaddy sales teams for training and motivation, which has promoted productivity. As Ashok says:

“GoDaddy’s feature-rich partner platform is another upside. It gives eWebGuru the ability to register, renew, transfer and monitor all domains with ease and speed."

Additionally, GoDaddy’s world-class technical support gives eWebGuru the confidence to know that its customers are in good hands. By providing a designated account manager who is available day or night, GoDaddy ensures continual value to the eWebGuru business.

Collaborating for Web 2.0

eWebGuru’s steadfast focus is to continually improve its quality of service, develop competitive power, retain loyal clients and strengthen its position in the market. Therefore, the company has invested in the best hardware (such as CISCO-only routers), switches and software, ensuring that customer requirements are well served.

The partnership with GoDaddy has allowed eWebGuru to be true to its ethos of bringing the industry’s best to its customers.

Since beginning their collaboration, GoDaddy has been helping set eWebGuru apart from its competitors by providing price advantages and a wide product portfolio.

“Our partnership with GoDaddy has been a great addition, as is evident from the growth we have experienced!” Ashok says. “Our clients get products that are best-in-class, and 24/7 support that is reputed globally as the best in the industry. I get ongoing commissions when they renew their services, in addition to marketing funds to acquire new customers with confidence.”