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It’s time for some fun with the .fun domain!

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Swati Maheshwari

Have you ever wondered how important fun is to you? It’s a much deeper question than you’d imagine. You make plans to go to games, the movies or that brunch with friends all because it’s going to be so. Much. Fun. On the other hand, if you find something not fun, you feel uninspired to do it, don’t you? The fun quotient (or the lack of it) of any activity is an indicator of how you feel about it. It’s not surprising, then, that the web has a .fun domain extension that fits in quite perfectly for small businesses fulfilling the need for fun-filled experiences across many industries.

As humans, we always tend to seek out enjoyable experiences that positively influence our state of mind.

Whether it’s watching something on Netflix or going to a concert, we are always planning our next fun-filled experience. Thus, it’s no joke that the entertainment and media industry is expected to be worth more than $720 billion in the U.S. alone. Globally, the industry is pegged to be worth more than $2 trillion by 2020. And that’s not all. Fun is increasingly at the core of travel, event, wedding, health and fitness industries, too.

Since anything that has the word “fun” associated with it is perceived as light-hearted and cheery, a .fun domain proves to be a valuable extension to these businesses.

As a solopreneur or a small business owner across events, media, travel, wedding or kids industries, you can choose a lively .fun domain to give your enterprise an attractive personality. Let’s look at some .fun domain ideas specific to these business categories.

Using the .fun domain for events

Whether you plan parties for kids or organize technology conferences and marketing workshops, you need to promise an exciting time ahead for your clients. Your business objective should be to create events that are enjoyable experiences for anyone in attendance.

If you are a party planner, you can get creative with your domain name by making the promise of a fun-filled party. Think of a unique phrase, such as “a party called fun,” or, “unzip fun,” and transform that message into your domain name:

.Fun Domain Unzip

For boutique events, such as a barbeque brunch, a painting party or a cook-off, you can choose an exact match domain name like:

.Fun Domain Cookoff

For business conferences, you can build a positioning that promises to take away the boredom out of these events and instead makes them enjoyable, for instance:

.Fun Domain Conferencemade

Using the .fun domain for travel

Travel businesses don’t sell travel anymore, they sell experiences. Whether it’s snorkeling in a coral reef or riding a camel in the desert, the more unique the experience, the more desirable and fun it is. If you offer a travel experience with the word “fun” attached to it, it’s bound to seem more attractive to potential travelers.

As a vacation rental owner, you can register a brandname.fun domain, or you can blend in the most relevant keywords and geo-location to find the most suitable domain name, such as chicagobnb.fun or sfhomestay.fun.

.Fun Domain Chicagobnb

If your business offers something unparalleled, like brunch in a hot air balloon, you can register a domain name that matches the promise it makes:

.Fun Domain Upintheair

Using the .fun domain for weddings

Most modern couples like to create a unique experience, for themselves and their guests, at their wedding.

From themed weddings to destination weddings, or from pre-wedding parties to post-wedding brunches, the wedding industry is huge.

If you are an end-to-end wedding planner, try a unique approach to your domain name that resonates with your client’s innate need to make their special event a memorable and fun experience. For example:

.Fun Domain Getwed

If you offer a specific wedding-related service, give your business a unique identity so it seems more attractive compared to your competitors. For instance, as a wedding baker whose name is Carol, you could choose a domain name like:

.Fun Domain Carolbakes

You could also look at wedding-related words for a quirky domain name, such as:

.Fun Domain Theknot

Using the .fun domain for fitness businesses

The fitness industry has seen a massive evolution in the past decade. Traditional fitness activities have been given an exciting makeover to entice more people into staying committed to their fitness regime. From dancing to boxing, the fitness industry is packing a punch by making workouts more fun for all age groups.

As a small business owner in this space, the more enjoyment you can promise and deliver, the more customers you will attract.

Some of the most recent fitness trends are barre, zumba and boxing. If you have a fitness center that offers these or similar workouts, you can choose playful domain names, such as:

.Fun Domain Thebarre

You can include the most relevant keywords, such as zumba, fit and fun in your domain name:

.Fun Domain Zumbafit

If you have a small business that offers mindfulness for mental fitness and stress-free living, the .fun domain offers a wonderful opportunity to build an enticing brand:

.Fun Domain Stillmind

Using the .fun domain for kids’ businesses

If you offer any service that involves kids, it has got to be fun. By creating a peppy positioning for your business, you will be able to gain trust with parents who want their children to be in a playful environment at all times.

Let’s say you own a daycare service for kids. You could choose a domain name that suggests what parents can expect for their kids when they’re with you, for example:

.Fun Domain Playlearn

The domain name immediately creates a picture of what the kids would be engaged in at your daycare center. If you have a small business offering children’s clothing, you could pick a creative domain name, such as:

.Fun Domain Kiddieswear

You can also consider various words related to kids to register a .fun domain name that is memorable and promising, such as:

.Fun Domain Tinytots

Find your .fun domain name

So, are you ready for some .fun? Remember that a contextual domain that can strengthen your business positioning and empower it to stand out. Visit GoDaddy Domains now to check availability of the ideal .fun domain name for your small business.

Go ahead, search for a domain name for your business.

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