4 creative, enterprising and impactful business ideas for the 2018 Royal Wedding

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Thomas Costello

At the start of 2018, GoDaddy and Crowdfunder launched ‘What’s Your Idea.’ The campaign, one of the UK’s largest Crowd-led funding competitions of the year offered entrepreneurs a chance to win £1,000 towards a crowdfunding campaign to capitalise on the upcoming Royal Wedding a game-changing opportunity.

We challenged budding owners with new and innovative ideas to pitch us their ideas. Hundreds of entries later, we have plucked out the top 4 ideas to kick-start them on the path to success – with the added support from Crowdfunder’s experts!

So here are the winning Royal Wedding ideas. Why not offer them your support by making a pledge?

1. Royal Wedding Party Packs


Are you paying for strawberries and Prosecco to host your own Royal Wedding party?

If so, you are doing it all wrong! Royally Cutout design full-size Royal Family cardboard cutouts that bring the real wedding experience to your living room. The £1,000 prize money, plus the crowd will help get the cutout tooling and drive sales before the big occasion.

If this project gets your Royal approval, why not fund it here

2. The 10,000 Hours Foundation


The 10,000 Hours Foundation will be throwing a Wedding Day Party for elderly people. The party will be held within a community hall, decorated and will invite older people down from the local area where our volunteers will host the party including live entertainers, musical bingo, cream tea lunch & then virgin cocktails served during a live screening of the wedding.

The mission of The 10,000 HOURS Foundation is to connect music fans with voluntary work supporting local communities. This will be a fun way for young and old to come together and celebrate the wedding!

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3. Big Green Wedding


Freegle would like to run a #Freegle #WeddingDay campaign and competition to inspire people to have sustainable parties to celebrate the Royal Wedding and for those getting married this year themselves.

The business will run an up-cycled bunting workshop in Brighton. Film it. Share it. Hosting pictures and Instructables on https://www.ilovefreegle.org/ so others can be inspired to make and source things sustainably for their wedding celebrations. Money will go to creating a gallery and map of Freegle wedding parties and will be shared across social media channels.

Donate to the Big Green Wedding fund here

4. Four Kings Brewery


 The Four Kings Windsor Ale with traditional English hops, combined with the new variety of American hops is set to be the second best marriage of 2018!

Four Kings Brewery will be holding a Royal Wedding beer festival at its brewery and bar, where American IPAs will be served alongside traditional all English bitters and Porters, alongside their very own tribute to the occasion.

This will be golden and heavenly session Ale to be admired and drunk all day. A local chef will be providing the finest local English beef to create an American classic, the humble hamburger. Which leaves us to the toast. Cheers from Four Kings Brewery.

Toast the Four Kings Brewery project here