8 ways GoDaddy can help you with your digital marketing

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Will Stevens

GoDaddy isn’t just about domain names and websites, we also have a whole range of tools to help you with your digital marketing.

The good news? If you’re using GoDaddy Website Builder on a Standard plan or high, all of these tools are available to you for no extra cost. If you’re not a Website Builder customer, many of these tools are available as a standalone tool to help your business.

1 By finding website keywords for you

Struggling with search engine optimization (SEO)? We’ve got a tool for that. One of the biggest benefits of GoDaddy Search Engine Optimization is its ability to suggest keywords for your website.

Taking the guesswork out of keyword selection increases the chances of your website ranking for search terms your potential customers use.

2 By tracking your website rankings

You can’t tell if your SEO efforts are working if you don’t track your search rankings and, guess what? Our Search Engine Optimization tool does that for you too.

3 By helping you with the building blocks of local SEO

If you’re targeting customers in a specific area, you need to think about local SEO. If you are to have any chance of your website appearing at the top of Google results for searches like the one below, you need to set up a Google My Business page.

With our Website Builder, you can quickly import your existing business information into Google My Business and get your page up and running in a flash.

4 By helping turn your website visitors into customers

If you can get people to return to your website after their first visit, you’ll have more chance to turn them into a customer.

One of the best ways to get people coming back for more is through email marketing.

GoDaddy Email Marketing will help you create campaigns that potential and existing customers will love.

It also lets you create sign up forms to include on your website, which boosts your chances of capturing the interest of first-time visitors.

5 By connecting your website with your social media profiles

Social media is a great way to market a business, but it can also be a huge time sink. Our Website Builder lets you connect your website to your social profiles and then post and respond without having to leave your control panel.

That means you can focus on the part of social media that matter to your business, without getting sucked into the parts that encourage procrastination.

6 By providing you with analytics

To understand how successful your marketing efforts are, you need access to data. Our Website Builder provides you with an Insight Score, which shows how your site and marketing compares to other businesses in your sector.

You’ll also get an action plan with suggestions on what you should do next to improve your online presence.

On top of that, it’s easy to connect Google Analytics to your Website Builder site, so you can gather even more data and get insights into how visitors are engaging with your website.

7 By showing off your reviews to website visitors

If your existing customers love your business, let your potential customers know. With our Website Builder, it’s easy to display reviews from Google and Facebook on your site.

8 By helping you create great social media images

High-quality images are a vital part of success on social media. But how do you create high-quality images if you’re not a designer? The answer is with Over by GoDaddy.

Over makes it quick and easy to create quality images that will grab attention on social media. It comes with a range of easy-to-customize templates, which will make sure your images always stand out from the crowd.

And Website Builder’s social media integration means you can share the images you create with just a few clicks.

You can even use Over to make a logo for your business.

Summing up

Need more help getting started with one of GoDaddy’s marketing tools? Speak to a GoDaddy Guide on 020 7084 1810.

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