Develop a creative community online.

What do designers, writers, musicians and actors all have in common? Creativity. They may have different skills sets, but they all share the same drive to create something that will connect with a wider audience. They strive to be unique, so when it comes to choosing a domain name, traditional is just not their style. That’s where .cc domains come in. Not only are these domains short and memorable, they also stand out in a crowd. And hey, the fact that it could stand for Creative Community certainly doesn’t hurt.

.cc is a clear choice.

Of course, you don’t have to be in a creative field to own a .cc domain. In fact, there are a lot of different groups or industries that match seem destined for a .cc domain name, such as:

  • Community Centers
  • Country Clubs
  • Carpet Cleaners
  • Catholic Charities
  • Consulting Companies
  • City Councils
  • Cybercafes
  • Car Clubs

.cc can also be completely crazy.

So you’ve got your creative professionals and you’ve got more traditional businesses and organizations, but what if your idea is really out there? Want to start a blog for the world’s most colorful feline photography? Start an online Cat Circus with .cc. Have a deep love for Brie and Limburger? .cc is perfect for your own little Cheese Corner on the web. Specialize in tiny, hand-crafted homes for future butterflies? Sell your Caterpillar Condos from a .cc domain.

Ok, so maybe those are a little over the top (or maybe we just gave you a great idea). Either way, it just goes to show how creative you can be with a dot cc domain.

And just to be clear, there’s no rule that your group, business or industry name has to have a pair of C’s to qualify for a .cc domain name. If your first choice for a domain is already taken or you just want something short and different, .cc is a great fit. So grab yours today for a clear, concise web address that your fans, visitors and customers will remember.