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Awaken your business in India.

From Dehradun to Kerala, India is a startup hub alive with entrepreneurial energy, making it one of the world's fastest growing economies. A domain is the professional choice for businesses based in India, and for international businesses aiming to reach people in the second largest internet user base in the world.

Get more customers for your local shop.

With so many locals and guests looking online for what they want, this is a great time for small businesses in the vibrant marketplace of India to get their own domain. When you register a dot domain, site visitors know they will find regional knowledge. A domain is perfect for wedding consultants, grocery and prepared food delivery, garment tailors, private tutors and more.

A dot domain is also a good choice for:

  • Travel agencies and tour guides
  • Restaurants, bakeries and tea stores
  • Guest houses
  • Spas and beauty products
  • Mobile recharge shops
  • Cooking instructors
  • Fabric and fashion creators
  • Indian Bloggers
  • Custom jewelers
  • Translators

International businesses can join in.

A domain is a great choice for Indian companies, but is by no means restricted to them. Registration of a is open to businesses everywhere and demand for international goods and services is strong in India. Industries such as construction, staffing, financial services, pharmaceuticals and internet technology are choosing to register the domain.

Many global businesses can benefit from a

  • Office supplies
  • Clothing retail
  • Farm equipment
  • Medical-related devices
  • Electronic equipment
  • Vehicle manufacturers

Become known to the vast Indian market.

The domain has become popular for commercial enterprises that aim to connect with people in India. Hurry to register yours, and open your doors to new customers all across the Indian continent.