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Promote your brand or loyalty program.

The old adage “it costs less to keep a current customer than to win a new one” is truer than ever before. Thanks to social media, satisfied customers can now amplify a company’s own promotional efforts, recruiting friends and followers through their positive tweets and posts.

Which makes this a splendid time to get a .fans domain. These instantly recognizable web addresses tell your best customers “this way to the good stuff.”

Use your .fans domain as a signpost that points loyal customers to a special section on your website or to a microsite. Because they’re separate from your main site, microsites can be more fun and interactive, featuring behind-the-scenes content, video and multimedia.

Register your trademarked name before someone else does. If you own a trademark – your name, your team’s name, the title of your book or album – register it now even if you don’t plan to use it soon. This will keep others from using it for their own gain.

It’s also perfect for selling, uh, fans. Manufacture, sell or repair fans? Whether your specialty is centrifugal, backward inclined or axial fans, you’ll find a cool, efficient web address in .fans. Just add your city or neighborhood to attract local buyers.

Keep fans engaged between games or gigs.

Celebrities, authors, actors and sports teams all rely on the fans who follow their every move. Now there’s a domain name that calls out to these people – .fans. What you put before the dot tells readers exactly what your website offers. Use it for a blog, fan forum or website that sells tickets and merchandise.

Speak to sports fans around the world. Soccer. Cricket. Football. Global demand for sports broadcasts and news is rising, with no end in sight. No longer chained to their TVs, sports fans can watch the action unfold in real time from virtually anywhere. The trend toward consulting a second or third screen – smartphone, tablet – during the game for stats and commentary means more opportunity than ever to reach this hyper-engaged audience.

Made for actors, authors and rock stars, too. Celebrities can also register .fans domains for websites that deliver the sneak peaks, concerts or appearances and exclusive behind-the-scenes content their fans crave. It’s a great way to stoke the fire between tours, publications or releases. Use yours for:

  • An online community where fans can talk about their favorite albums or episodes
  • A members-only site with exclusive video clips, stories and giveaways
  • A hub for related content pulled together from social networks
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