Promote your business and sell products on the internet.

As the official country-code domain for the Republic of Korea, .kr holds a special meaning for the 40 million+ Koreans who regularly use the internet to learn, connect and shop.

According to the Korean Internet and Security Agency (KISA), half of all web users over the age of 12 shop online, spending an average of 60,200 Won per month for goods, services and reservations.

Top online purchases include:

  1. Cosmetics (68%)
  2. Clothing, footwear, sporting goods or accessories (50%)
  3. Booking or reservations (46%)
  4. Computer equipment or parts (31%)
  5. Video including movies and TV programs (30.5%)

Registering a .kr domain is the surest way to reach these consumers, since they’re more likely to trust a website with this familiar web extension. Use your .kr domain to promote your company and sell your products or services on the web.

Ideal for media, government and banking websites.

Koreans’ web usage goes far beyond shopping. KISA reports that among internet users aged 6 and over:

  • Three-quarters read news online
  • Nearly 60% use the web to find e-government information and submit administrative forms to government websites
  • 26% watch TV online, with the highest TV viewership among those in their 20s
  • 45% used the web for internet banking

Banks, news outlets, media providers and government agencies can all use their .kr domain names to attract more visitors to their websites.

A natural choice for tourism.

The first Asian country to chair the G20 when it hosted the Seoul Summit in 2010, the Republic of Korea is enjoying greater international visibility than ever before.

This has translated into steady numbers of tourists from China, the Middle East and Europe. .kr offers standout web addresses to the airlines, hotels, travel agents, museums, gift shops and transportation services that cater to overnight visitors. Whether you own a restaurant in the Myeong-dong shopping district or a city tour service in Busan, register .kr domain to bring tourists to your business.