What are .law domain names?

The .law domain name is available exclusively for qualified lawyers and legal organizations around the world (more on that below). If you’re an accredited member of the legal community, register .law to put the spotlight on your knowledge and expertise.

Let your web address carry the same weight as titles like Attorney at Law, Barrister or Honorable. .law domain names, show potential clients that you’ve completed any required education and certification, and adhere to the rules and regulations for practicing law in their locations.

When you buy .law, it’s not just a new domain name you’re getting. It’s a chance to build trust with millions of people online searching for legal experience and expertise — like yours.

Who can register .law domain names?

The .law domain name is restricted to qualified lawyers and authorized legal institutions that meet the domain’s eligibility policy. Eligible registrants include:

  • Qualified lawyers — This varies depending on the region, but generally qualified lawyers pass a bar exam or obtain a license, and then maintain their practice.
  • Law firms — These are comprised of qualified lawyers. The .law domain name isn’t available to support services such as paralegals or transcriptionists.
  • Courts of law — These are governmental organizations established by law to settle disputes between parties or administer justice in criminal proceedings.
  • Legal regulators — These organizations, such as bar associations in many countries, are established by law to regulate individuals and organizations providing legal services.
  • Law schools — These institutions are approved by legal regulators to educate individuals seeking to become qualified lawyers.

Keep in mind, verification of eligibility is an ongoing effort maintained by the registry for dot law.

What’s the case for dot law?

It’s short, memorable and quickly lets people know what you do. With dot law attached to your domain, it’s one less word you need to cram into that web address. It also helps set yourself apart from other people who might have a similar business name. (Nobody’s going to contact you for, say, plumbing services.)

And even if you already have a domain that you love, register .law to protect the name you’ve worked so hard to establish. Don’t let an upstart or bad actor profit off your hard-earned reputation. Simply buy .law, and then forward it to your primary domain.

What’s the story behind the .law domain?

Laws are what hold our society together. So when it comes to finding legal help online, people need to know they’re connecting with attorneys and firms that are qualified and licensed. With a .law domain, you’re showing potential clients that you can be trusted. Today, the practice of law has grown throughout the world to include dozens of practice areas, including:

  • Civil law
  • Criminal law
  • Family law
  • Corporate law
  • Immigration law
  • Tax law

The .law domain name has quite the legacy. People around the world immediately recognize what it means and what it takes to practice law — a huge impact for just a few letters.

Don’t deliberate. Register .law today.

The .law domain might have eligibility requirements, but that doesn’t mean your perfect web address will be available forever. Anyone familiar with practicing law can tell you competition can be fierce. When you reach a decision on your domain name, register .law before someone else gets in front of you.
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