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The domain for businesses in India.

The domain is a perfect choice for entrepreneurial enterprises based in India and carries the same credibility as a .com domain. If your business has a technical arm, you could register a domain for just that division. But it isn't just for IT businesses, is for any kind of company.

If you are a jeweler, wedding consultant, bakery owner or smartphone store operator, then is the domain for you. Choose a domain if your India-based business exports clothing, pharmaceuticals, transportation equipment and more to international markets. Shops and hotels in every corner of the country can name their websites with to attract foreign visitors who dream of discovering India.

Reach India from other nations with

A domain is recommended for foreign businesses who wish to sell goods to this tremendous web-savvy marketplace with growing purchasing power. For businesses based outside of India, may feel more familiar to local people and express your commitment to them. A domain may also raise your website higher in local search engines. If you have a global company that offers energy products, precious metals and stones or electronics, then is the domain for you.