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$1,000 threshold for transfer, not eligible country for PayPal, can't withdraw my domain sale fund


I sold 2 domains worth of USD 150 both. GoDaddy suggested that I have 2 options to withdraw my fund: 1) Wire transfer, 2) PayPal. It explains that there is a $1,000 threshold for wire transfers for international customers. I discovered that my country (Mongolia) is not eligible for receiving funds via PayPal. I asked from Auctions that they can subtract necessary fees i.e banking charges from my fund and transfer the remaining fund to me. The reply was: "This is not a Go Daddy rule, this is the policy of the company that processes payment for international customers.". Am I stuck here? Or find someone who is in a country where PayPal is available? Is there any other ways to withdraw my fund?



Can you use the money to buy GoDaddy products ??