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Sold domain name, no status update

I sold my domain for $400 a week and a half ago I finally was able to submit the transfer information. Thus far, there has been no movement on the status of my claim. When will I be paid? 


Hello @nicolenavarro


Typically for Member to Member transactions, GoDaddy will remit payment of the purchase price, less the applicable commission and fees, to the Seller approximately 20 days after receiving funds from the Buyer.  If the buyer is non-responsive or is not assisting with the transfer please feel free to email with your domain and we will be happy to assist with the transfer.

The email I received only indicated that I needed to forward the email with the transfer to a specific godaddy address. I did this. I have not heard anything back from godaddy. What else do I need to do? 



That is it.  The Auctions Support Team will now assist the buyer with the domain transfer.  Once the transfer is completed your funds will be released to your payee account.  For confirmation on your payee settings or if you would like to know the specific date your funds will be released please email/reply to so they can update you privately.

 I emailed that address on Monday and have yet to hear back. The status of the auction remains blank. Is this typical? 



Doing some digging it appears you sold the domain via our Domain Buy Service (DBS) not directly at Auction.  Domain Buy Service is unique in that each transaction has a Representative working to finalize your transaction for you and submit payment.  I apologize for the confusion and will request your Domain Buy Service Representative to reach out to you directly.