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    Landing Page or Form to collect customer details before giving them something free?

    Looking for some general advice here on what works best from the website builder. 

    I want to create what is essentially a landing page which collects customers details before giving them something free. From what I can see there are two options to automate this process.


    1) Create a form which collects the details then re-directs the customer to the free stuff on confirmation.

    2) Create a landing page (which is a hidden page on my site) which sends me an email when someone subscribes and I will set up an autoresponse on my email to email them the free stuff.


    For 1) the signup form options look a bit cruddy (formatting etc looks very basic) but it does the trick with re-directing etc.

    For 2) I can make it look nicer and lead the customer with a bit more info.


    Any tips? Is there a better way of doing landing pages or using the forms? 


    FYI: Godaddy's instructions on the help section are AWFUL, seems most are more than a year out of date. Instructions for both forms and autoresponders (which now no longer exists) contain out of date info. Had to phone godaddy just to clear that up!

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    Hello @fryerrobin ,


    Welcome to the Community!  I think whichever way you decide to set up your contact form will work out just great.  Have you seen this article  in particular or how to set up, hide or show the form on your site?  

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