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    Missing Contact Us Page

    For some reason I do not have a Contact Us Page or even a Field to create one? I was certain there was one before... Anybody have any ideas how I deleted it, or how I can restore it?

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    Getting Started

    Are you using Website Builder?

    If so, try Site Settings - Backup/Restore then restore your website to an earlier saved backup. Bear in mind that you will lose any changes you made after the selected backup date/time and once you restore it you cannot go back to the actual state.

    Hi, Thanks. Not really certain when I lost it so I wouldn't know where to back it up to. And even then, are you certain it will restore it? I don't want to lose all my work, just to find the solution didn't work or that I wasn't the cause in the first place. 

    Not sure what do you mean by "a field to create it".

    Is the Contact Us page listed in the dropdown where you see the pages list?

     No. That is what is throwing me... no mention of a contact page anywhere... but it's supposed to be built in?


    I'm having the same issue, any help is appreciated!