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    Bad World Wide Shipping Display (Quick Store)

    I have had very little luck on the community but I will try again... Anyway I can take the 'Cannot ship to' bit out of my product displays or sum it up with 'Cannot ship internationally'


    In more detail when ever I don't allow international shipping on an item they display every single country in my product listing. Witch makes my product display so tacky looking, And might even deter a U.S. buyer.


    Link: http://rdracinginc.com/product.sc?productId=1073&categoryId=-1


    Link includes example.


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    Hi @RDRacinginc,


    Sorry to get hopes up, I don't have the answer you're looking, but I do have help with your luck on the forum. Put tags in your message just like keywords, and people searching the forum will find your question easier. Every little bit helps Smiley Happy

    HI we usually have tags in there. Who can we contact to receive a new update on this?