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    As part of GDPR and in order for me to be able to collect and retain data from the website I urgently need a tick box in the contact us form, where visitor can tick the box to confirm acceptance of our privacy policy, otherwise I am not legally allowed to contact them further. I can't see it anywhere.


    This tick box needs to be in addition to the cookies consent Godaddy already provide. 


    I'm new to GoDaddy and liking what I see with the website builder but i've come to buy or not to buy stage with godaddy. 


    Godaddy really need to provide this very basic functionality for us to remain compliant.


    I also would like to have a attach CV functionality in the contact us form.


    please come back ASAP.





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    Re: GDPR Privacy policy TICK BOX IN CONTACT FORM

    Good question @Rays2018, I wish I had a good answer. I found another thread with some interesting conversation about this very thing though. Check out the topic GoCentral Contact Form @mikeyatesusa had a in depth solution and there is brisk discussion. I hope that helps?


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    Re: GDPR Privacy policy TICK BOX IN CONTACT FORM

    Hello @Rays2018,


    I thinking the simplest and quickest route for you at the moment is to do a Google Form, that is what I do truthfully, and then HTML embed the form into the page. 

    Very Respectfully,

    Drew Davis
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