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    My Website is Down for Months

    Hi there!


    I already posted previously about this issue but still I couldn't find the solution for my website. 

    It's been down for months. Whenever I access it all I find is a white page. Nothing else. 

    I changed my DNS, but it still didn't work. My cPanel was down for some time but it's working fine right now. 


    I really hope someone can help me because I've been contacting the support team and they tried to help me but still nothing worked to republish my website. 



    Best regards,


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    Resolver II

    Re: My Website is Down for Months

    Hello 🙂

    First of all, go to your Godaddy Domain manager:


    1. Check if your nameservers are okay, if yes you say that the DNS is okay too. Could you please provide us your domain and the DNS records.
    2. If you are able to connect to your cPanel skip the Nameserver troubleshooting process.
    3. Go to cPanel and click on Directory Privacy it is in the first row of the cpanel page and check if you have Web Root (public_html/www) selected as your directory.

    If these can't solve your issue can you please share your website and a screenshot of your DNS and Nameserver records 🙂 from https://dcc.godaddy.com/manage




    Community Contributor




    Re: My Website is Down for Months

    Hi - I have realized that mine is down, as well. Directory Privacy is set to Web Root (public_html/www).


    Domain is www.rhonepartnersllp.com


    What else do I need to do?




    Re: My Website is Down for Months

    No worries.

    Figured it out. The A record had an error.