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    Navigating through products in sub categories is dumping people back to "all products". Help!

    Say you are browsing one of my sub categories because you are interested in "petite bracelets", you look at one product and want to look at the next. But you can't. It throws you back to "all products, page one" every time. Is there a fix for this? Is there something I can do in settings? It's really annoying people, and me! Help!

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    Helper V

    @CreativeObsYes, I just noticed that myself when I started testing the mobile version of my site. With each subcategory you try to go to, it looks as if you are being brought back to the main "Categories" screen again. So you have to click that again, to see the sub-sub-categories. I've never seen anything like this. It makes it look like your selection didn't "take"!! UGH


    I've checked several other active jewelry sites and none look like this. It's making you go:

    Categories > Jewelry > Categories > Petite Bracelets > Categories > Sterling Silver (or whatever)


    Basically, you have to hit Categories numerous times to get where you are going. NOT good!

    I'm having the same annoying issue. It would be fine if the link said "back to whatever category or subcategory" you are looking at, but instead, it says "View all products" which literally takes them back to ALL Products. The only way around it is if they actually hit the back button on their browser. Has anyone found a way to fix this?It would seem this link would take you back to what you were viewing prior to clicking on an individual product instead of All Products, or at least give you the option of going back or to all products. This is very frustrating to me.

    Pam, I still haven't seen a fix. And that "back" button on a phone browser stinks (usually...at least mine does). Yes, I hope this is fixed in the future!