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    Photos aren't loading online store

    I've been working on this for the last 2 hours! Photos won't upload on product listings. They are in the correct format. The format is .PNG.and JPG I resized (shrunk) them and still not working... I have a shop on etsy and I am using those photos (downloading them to my computer) I have tried using the snipping tool. I have also tried using the original photos and STILL nothing!!! Please help.......

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    Is there a limit on photo file size?

    Have you named the photos with gaps 'in the  name.jpg' for example? If you need long photo names 

    thenNameThemSuchAsThis.jpg (that's called camel back). Without seeing a sample photo it's hard to tell where the problem lies.


    Hope this helps.

    I'm actually having this very same issue which started happening yesterday.

    Not much of a sample can be provided when the issue simply lies in the fact that when you try to add images to your product listings, the "loading" icon is shown on the page for a few seconds until it reverts back to "You don't have any images" " 0 Images" "Add Image". Even though I have selected one or several images to upload. It isn't made clear if their is a photo file size restriction and I wouldn't assume there would be one in place since just two days ago I was able to upload these same sized images to my product listings with ease.


    I hope this gets seen by the right individual in order to get this fixed.

    I have also had the same issues for the last 24 hours...very frusterating.  

    I'm having issues now too. Not using an online store though. Just a basic website - the images aren't loading anymore. Please help!

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    Wow, there must be something other than a glitch or a simple mistake going on here. If someone would like to phone support and let the others know here in the forum if you can find a solution, that would be great.

    Hope you get it sorted soon.

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    I am also having the same issue. I didn't try yesterday but it's been a very unsuccessful morning.

    I have not changed anything in the way I upload my photos and this is my 2nd year with this website and you hosting so I believe the error is your end not mine.


    It goes to upload - circles as if it's thinking about it and then shows nothing.






    I had been having the same problem yesterday with photo links getting broken and newly added photos not loading on my page. It is working now. I had to delete the images I added yesterday into My Photos and then reupload them.

    I'm having the same issue.  It has to be on Go Daddy side.  It really is annoying because I was trying to upload my photos.  

    Trying to load photos for days , as usual not working . Is godaddy unable to give the service that it offered and sold to me ? Why am I not seeing any feedback section anymore . I think it must be that they do not want to listen to anyone .