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    Server crashes every week--Need security help!

     I recently set up my account with GoDaddy - I left my last hosting company because my site kept crashing - just like it is doing here at GoDaddy. The site has thousands of PDFs and thousands of pages. The site is on a 3 gig server, when I use the refresh tab I loose files from the database which then have to be reloaded. I can't afford the Fully Managed plan - does anyone have any ideas what I can do to keep the site from falling off-line?

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    Community Team
    Community Team

    Hello @mattjacobssen, based on what you're describing, it sounds like the site is using more resources than what you have available with the hosting plans that you've been using.  If you're unable to upgrade to a server that would provide you with more resources, you'll want to look at ways to optimize the site to use fewer resources.  If you're working with a Linux server, I'd start by reviewing the server error logs to see exactly what is causing errors that you're experiencing.