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    Trouble to use cpanel and visit website in china after switching the host from US to Asia

    A few days ago, I call the customer service in china to transfer the main domain of my hosting and he advice me to use the Asia service.He said that it is faster and convenient.

    But it is really a disaster for me.

    After switch it, I can't surf the website and I can not use the cpanel in my office(University).

    I only can use it through the China Unicom web now.

    I can not use it through the China Telecom web.

    I called the customer service again, a lady said that they can switch it back to US data center but the website data now will lost.

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    If it can not provide normal service then I do not know the meaning of the Asia hosting service.

    And the Beijing customer service is really non-standard. A lady said that we have no person to cope with the complains of our service. Another is good. But most important is to provide normal service.

    I do not care the location of hosting service,just hope can use it well.

    I can log in godaddy service and visit https://gateway.godaddy.com,but when I enter the step to manage the host ,I can not visit the address:https://sg2plcpnl0133.prod.sin2.secureserver.net