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    VNext Online Shop Trial. Ho Many Catagories Can be Added

    I need to ask this question, so hope someone can give me a concrete answer.


    Last week I trialed the VNext Online Shop Package and was super happy with the product. It was easy to build the site and add products to it. Looked good when it was live and as far as I got with it, all was good.

    Only problem is with the Categories Section, and the amount that can be added.
    It only allows you to list 25 as a maximum. After that it disables the "Add" button and no more can be added.

    Can anyone give me an answer why the previous package was offered with 1000 categories and this one only 25

    I tried the previous package as a last resort, but was not a patch on their new product.

    I did sped a lot of time on to the help lines, but no one could really give me the info I needed. Some said you got the 1000 and others said not, so in the end I just cancelled the subscription as I could not get any 100% answers on what I needed to know.

    It is a shame, as the product itself is perfect for anyone who wants a basic online store, subscriptions are on a month to month basis and if you do not like it, you just stop the payments yourself in you account settings.

    Can anyone out there give me any sort of information in regard to this problem.


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    Getting Started

    Hello I havn't gotten that far into the categories, i belive I have 15,  you said that you have an online store, that should give you unlimited categories, or sub-categories.  How does you store look, I am having great trouble with the pictures enlarging, when you click on them, when viewing them in a category, the pictures get cut-off, which does not look professional, heads are cut off, ect.  How is this working for you, I am not familiar with the V-line store, is this something new, would love to hear from you, my email is daniellehitz@outlook.com

    Look forward to hearing, since Go Daddy can't seem to help, maybe we can help each other


    Sent you an email on Saturday afternoon