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Which GoDaddy Payments options will enhance my business?

Picking the right payments processor is an important part of running your business. GoDaddy Payments offers a variety of solutions you can choose from to best fit your business.

All of the available GoDaddy Payments options integrate well with each other, whether you need one or more for your business - learn more about these below. Regardless of which mode of selling your business uses, with GoDaddy Payments, you’ll get:

GoDaddy Payments accepts all major credit and debit cards, NFC (contactless payments) like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and is PCI-compliant.

In Person

Take payments at your physical locations or while on the move with our Point-of-Sale devices. With all our Point-of-Sale (POS) offerings, you’ll get:

  • The lowest rates in the industry
  • Easy to set up and use with 24/7 support
  • POS hardware has 1 year warranty and 30-day refund guarantee

Compare your options:

GoDaddy Poynt Smart TerminalSmart Terminal FlexGoDaddy Poynt Card ReaderTap to Pay
the poynt smart terminal
Available: US and Canada
the smart terminal flex
Available: US only
the card reader
Available: US only
tap to pay example
What is it?All-in-one POS Smart Terminal with built-in payment processing, dual screens, receipt printing, barcode scanning and Wi-Fi and 4G LTE cellular access. Seamlessly connect offline and online selling and integrate with 3rd-party apps to help manage your business. Single-screen, all-in-one handheld device with built-in payment processing, receipt printer and barcode scanner. This lightweight device can fit in the palm of your hand, and provides Wi-Fi and cellular 4G connection capability and a 9-hour battery life. Simple, portable device with full swipe, insert and tap/contactless payment processing abilities, and long-lasting battery life. Easy and securely take contactless payments on just your phone, no extra hardware needed.
Who is it best for? Ideal for retail, food and other businesses that value a great customer experience where the customer can easily checkout, tip and sign. It fits on counters of any size and is also great for businesses that want to use the device in different locations. Great choice if you have a physical store and need a handheld, portable device to take payments. You’ll be able to sell and take payments at the counter, on the shop floor, tableside, or in line. This pocket-sized payment device is ideal for businesses that want a low-cost, professional way of selling on the go. Use the free docking station for a hands-free option at your retail stand or farmer's market. Great for any business that wants an easy way to take payments without additional hardware cost. Ideal for businesses selling on the go. Or use it with your existing POS device and let staff take payments out in the field or on the shop floor.
Hardware priceView pricing View pricing View pricing No additional hardware besides your phone

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Additional information Learn more, view specs or request a demo. Once you’ve purchased your GoDaddy Poynt Smart Terminal, learn how to get started and explore our onboarding guide. Learn more. Learn more and view specs. Once you’ve purchased your GoDaddy Poynt Card Reader, learn how to get started. Learn more and start accepting payments with Tap to Pay.


Take payments online, anytime and anywhere, with our online commerce offerings – Online Pay Links, Websites + Marketing Online Store/Online Appointments and Managed WooCommerce Stores. You’ll benefit from:

  • The lowest rates in the industry.
  • Easy, seamless integration with any of the other GoDaddy Payments options listed in the article. With Payments set as your default payment, you’ll be able to manage all your sales – online, in-store or otherwise – from a single dashboard.
Online Pay LinksWebsites + Marketing Online Store/Online AppointmentsManaged WooCommerce Stores (MWCS)
online pay links example wam online store/appointments example mwcs site example
What is it?A feature that lets you create customized links you can use to get paid easily. You don’t need a website and will be able to share the link via text, email, social media, and QR code. All your customers need is a web browser to pay you – no other apps required. You can also add links to your Websites + Marketing site as pay buttons to collect payments.Available on the Commerce and Commerce Plus tier plans for Websites + Marketing, Online Store lets you sell online and in-person, while tracking orders and inventory from a single dashboard. You can add Online Appointments to your website, connect to other marketplaces (Instagram, Google, Etsy, etc.), and more. When you use GoDaddy Payments with Online Store, your inventory can sync across both in-person and online sales.Integrated ecommerce solutions that allow you to manage multiple sales channels – all tiers include a high-performing Online Store, product and inventory management, payments, shipping, analytics, access to online marketplaces and more.
Who is it best for?Businesses looking for a fast and flexible way to get paid without the need for a complete online store solution. Ideal for all kinds of businesses including those selling services and products, and membership organizations looking to collect payments for things like bills, invoices, donations, registration fees, club dues and more.Small to medium businesses that want to start selling online. Service-based businesses can take advantage of Online Appointments, while businesses selling physical or digital products can reach a wide audience with an Online Store.Established businesses that want to grow rapidly by selling across multiple channels, such as online, in-person, on social platforms and online marketplaces.

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Multiple plans are available – you'll be able to set up your store for free, and only need to upgrade when you start selling.

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Multiple plans are available.

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Additional InformationLearn more about Pay Links, and learn how to use them to take payments.Learn more and set up GoDaddy Payments on your website.Learn more and enable GoDaddy Payments on MWCS.

Virtual Terminal

Take payments even when your customers aren’t in front of you – no additional hardware needed – with Virtual Terminal. With GoDaddy Payments’ Virtual Terminal, you’ll get:

  • The lowest fees in the industry
  • Payouts as soon as the next business day
Virtual Terminal
What is it?Use your smartphone, tablet or computer as a credit card terminal and let your customers swiftly and securely pay you over the phone – no extra hardware needed. You won’t even need additional apps – just log in to your GoDaddy Payments account.
Who is it best for?Businesses that frequently take payments over the phone or remotely like restaurants that take phone orders, doctor’s offices or for professionals like lawyers and accountants. This is also a great backup option if you’re out and about and don’t have your POS devices on hand.

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Additional informationLearn more about Virtual Terminal, and learn how to manually process card payments.

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