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GoDaddy Poynt Smart Terminal

Meet Smart Terminal, your all-in-one POS

Call us to start, (866) GD-PAY-ME

Special offer— 50% off. Only $249 with free 2-day shipping.
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Terminal Marquee Fallback
Terminal Marquee Fallback

Sofia Car

Lowest fees. Keep more of your money.

With the lowest transaction fees compared to other leading providers, we stick up for your small business and save you money.

2.3% + 0¢

Per transaction


Hidden Fees

  • Unify POS and online selling

    Seamlessly connect all your selling and easily enable cross channel shopping for customers to buy online and pick-up in store. Or book online and pay in person.

  • Powerful dashboard to help you grow

    Track sales and payments from one place — so you can make smart, data-informed decisions to grow and manage your business

  • Flexible sales and receipts

    Our Smart Terminal fits any in-store selling situation. And your customers can get receipts delivered the way they want — print, email or text.

  • Security is baked in

    Payments are end-to-end encrypted with strict PCI compliance.* Think of it as an armored escort for payment data — use it and you’ll sleep well every night.

  • Plays nice with others

    Smart Terminal easily connects with your existing wired and wireless printers, cash drawers, ECRs and barcode scanners. No tech skills needed.

  • Powered by GoDaddy Payments

    Packed with secure payment options, including POS. Virtual Terminal, Pay Links and payouts as fast as the next-business day, GoDaddy Payments is the smart, way to sell online, in-person and get paid.

  • Free 2-day shipping

    Our Smart Terminal arrives in only two days so you can quickly start selling and growing your business. It also arrives with a 1-year warranty and 30-day refund.

Sofia Car

Dual screens are twice as good.

Check out is smoother. Customers see one with transactions and can tip and sign. You see the other to add orders and amounts.

Dual screens are twice as nice.

Check out is smoother. Customers see one with transactions and can tip and sign. You see the other to add orders and amounts.

All-In-One Is Smarter
All-In-One Is Smarter


We love to help. Seriously.

Still not sure what you need? Give us a call. We’re happy to help, even if you’re not a customer. We're here 24/7/365. Call anytime. 1-480-366-3546

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a POS terminal or POS machine?

POS is an acronym for Point of Sale. A POS terminal or machine is typically a hardware device used at businesses to accept payments from customers through cards (credit, debit or prepaid) and digital wallet (Apple Pay or Google Pay).

How do I use a credit card terminal?

To use a credit card terminal, you first need to ensure it's connected to a data source or Wi-Fi network and powered on. You can accept payment in various ways using the chip, magstripe or tap (NFC-enabled) mechanisms of the customer's card.          

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