Why a coworking space should be your new office

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Suzy Q

Are you starting or running a business and need your own office space? Here’s why choosing a coworking space could be the best decision you ever make.

Coworking spaces are affordable alternatives to working at home, a library or coffee shop.

Many freelancers and startups face the same dilemma: they need a professional-looking office space where they can work and meet with clients. There is only so much you can do at your improvised home office, and sometimes working from home isn’t as productive as it should be.

Coworking spaces are the ideal solution for small businesses just starting out. They’re a great way to:

  • Network
  • Meet new people
  • Stay motivated
  • Enjoy the buzz of working around others

This groundbreaking new way of working has been a game-changer for fledgling businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. With more coworking spaces popping up around the country, and private office rental prices on the rise, we are sure they are here to stay.

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Benefits of coworking spaces

Rather than rent a whole office of your own that you pay for even when you’re not using it, why not try a coworking space? You’ll get a lot for less money.

  1. Fewer distractions, better results.
  2. Full of hardworking people with vision.
  3. Equipped with all amenities.
  4. A great place to network.

Before we dive into the upside of coworking, let’s define this new term.

First, a definition

So what exactly are coworking spaces? These shared workspaces are a great way to stay motivated and be with like-minded individuals who are working hard and staying focused. If you have trouble concentrating at home, or simply like being around people, coworking spaces are the perfect place to be.

Coworking Space Open Seating
Coworking spaces rent seats to anyone by the day, week or month.

Not only are they super motivational, many coworking spaces have all the office-like amenities you need such as:

  • A break room
  • Coffee machines
  • Private meeting rooms
  • Sound-proofed phone booths

If you are a freelancer or small business owner and need a professional looking office and meeting room, coworking spaces are a great option. Use apps like coworker or breather to find available spaces near you.

Who uses them?

You will mostly find individuals such as freelancers, entrepreneurs and small startups taking advantage of coworking spaces. Not only are they super flexible and convenient, the biggest draw to shared workspaces is that they are extremely affordable as well.

Shared workplaces can be less than a quarter of the price of renting out a private office space.

Depending on the place, coworking spaces usually work on a monthly, daily or membership fee. There are also low-cost models that allow lots of flexibility for your business needs and schedule.

4 reasons to go co

Here are some reasons why choosing a coworking space is a good choice for a freelancer or small business owner.

1. Fewer distractions, better results

Being stuck in a stuffy office alone working and wondering how you’re going to cover this month’s office rent bill is enough to kill your motivation. Shared workspaces are more affordable, and are a great morale-booster. They are also much more effective than working in a coffee shop with tons of distractions, uncomfortable seating and noise.

2. Full of hardworking people with vision

Shared workplaces are packed with young, ambitious entrepreneurs and students with the drive and attitude to succeed. In an environment like this, you will be much more energetic and determined to take your business to the next level.

Being stuck at home alone or in a coffee shop trying to find some kind of motivation to move forward is definitely not the way to go.

3. Equipped with all amenities

Starting your own business is already costly, and looking professional while doing it is even harder. Shared workplaces are such a great option for new business owners since they have all the amenities a real office would have:

  • Small conference rooms
  •  Private phone booths
  • Coffee machines, kitchens and break rooms

These all make an impressive first impression while meeting potential clients and investors. If you are working out of a coffee shop, you definitely don’t want to have your meetings there too.

4. A great place to network

If you are a small business owner or a freelancer, shared workplaces are an ideal place to network and meet like-minded individuals.

Make sure to join events in your building and volunteer to help out to continue to network and grow.

You will definitely meet many individuals who share the same drive and vision as you. Some can even further your career by helping you meet new clients and others who can help you take your work to the next level.

What to look for in your new office

To find a coworking space, you want to look first at price, location and amenities. Running your business out of a coworking space is the same thing as if you are going to work, so be prepared to go there every single day.


Make sure your coworking space is near your home, and calculate the cost of gas as well as the time it takes to travel to and from every single day. A long commute will be a drain on your budget and your morale.


You also want to look for affordable membership fees. If you know you won’t be using conference rooms on the daily, then try to get a cheaper membership that allo

ws you to use only a small office space.


Pay attention to the amenities provided in the building, as well as the atmosphere. Spaces with lots of windows, lighting, and greenery provide a positive work environment for you and your coworkers.

Before you sign up, be sure to ask if there will be someone available to help with networking problems or answer questions if needed. An office without working Wi-Fi — even for a day — won’t do you much good.

The smart startup choice

If you are starting a new business, shared workplaces are without a doubt an excellent option. Not only will you look professional to potential clients, but you will also have the opportunity to meet and work around like-minded individuals.

Shared spaces can help you get work done in a positive environment full of motivated people.

Definitely take the time to research options in your city, and make sure to compare the cost, location and what they have to offer. You won’t be disappointed!