The unstoppable energy of Canadian entrepreneurs

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Jen Roney

Being an entrepreneur in the best of times requires stamina, resilience and passion. There are often few rewards for the hard work needed to keep a business thriving.

However, the incredible challenge brought to Canadian business owners over the past year left many wondering how they could continue to do it all alone. Those still in business were quick to recognize that getting online, and quickly, was a crucial step.

With the help of GoDaddy, many Canadian entrepreneurs pivoted to meet the unprecedented challenges.

They did so, all in the hopes of reducing their vulnerability in the toughest of times. For some, this meant setting up new websites or online stores to serve their customers in a way that wouldn’t jeopardize public health and safety.

When the right support network is in place, small business owners realize they are never alone. GoDaddy’s full suite of marketing tools enables determined entrepreneurs to never stop working toward their dreams.

Returning GoDaddy spokesperson Andre DeGrasse

GoDaddy is pleased to announce Olympic sprinter and GoDaddy spokesperson Andre DeGrasse is returning with a fresh new campaign to help celebrate the grit and tenacity of Canadian small business owners.

As DeGrasse prepares to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, he’s partnering with GoDaddy to help showcase standout entrepreneurs.

This three-time Olympic medal winner and four-time world champion medalist knows a little something about winning.

This isn’t the first time GoDaddy has partnered with Canadian athletes at the top of their game. Former Toronto Raptors players have all joined forces with GoDaddy in the past, including:

  • Jonas Valanciunas
  • Patrick Patterson
  • Lucas “Bebe” Nogueira
  • CJ Miles
  • Muggsy Bogues

These athletes brought their energy to our small business campaigns, sharing their support for Canadian business owners in creative ways. Remember Itty Bitty Ballers, the children’s story “A Raptor Tale” and Raptor-themed pyjamas?

Don’t stop being unstoppable, Canada

If we learned anything from last year, it’s that Canadian small business owners are truly unstoppable. In honour of their determination and hard work, GoDaddy’s new campaign is called “Don’t stop being unstoppable.”

Still photo of andre DeGrasse in GoDaddy ad
The new GoDaddy ad campaign features 3 Canadian entrepreneurs who are on a roll.

GoDaddy is thrilled to celebrate three small business owners who have each been an unstoppable force in their businesses. GoDaddy’s one-stop eCommerce tools fuel their ventures, and these entrepreneurs have their eye on the gold.

John MacDonell, Mac’s Metalworks

Mac’s Metalworks was founded by a father and son team striving to produce discerning and challenging metalwork.

Mac’s Metalworks website
The MacDonells meld modern manufacturing technology with old-world techniques.

Their website, built with GoDaddy Website Builder, features gorgeous galleries of:

  • High-end container homes
  • Striking faux fire elements
  • Unique metal art and sculpture

Mac’s Metalworks focuses on high-quality, Canadian-made products that win praise from clients all over the world. With over 30 years of experience, their family's passion and expertise bring customers’ dreams to life.

Lisa Cowan, SOL Studio Pilates

SOL Studio Pilates offers a variety of Pilates classes focusing on low-impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements. Classes all focus on posture and rehab, using the Pilates Reformer.

The SOL Studio Pilates website welcomes clients with a clean design and easy-to-use online appointment booking. Clients can choose from class packages, monthly memberships, or personal training and register right through the website.

Chef Stephany Piñata, Piñata Smash Cake

Piñata Smash Cake offers a unique way to turn a special occasion into a smash hit!

Their smash cakes offer a twist on a traditional cake design.

Pinata Smash Cake website

Created with layers of chocolate and filled with an assortment of candy, these cakes come with a wooden mallet or stick for smashing.

Chef Stephany’s website is like a fresh and bright shop window, displaying an appealing gallery of cakes. Each cake they make is a work of unique and edible art. Customers can easily browse and shop right on the site or contact the shop for custom order information.

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GoDaddy powers small businesses with a full range of eCommerce tools

Canadian entrepreneurs are not to be underestimated, and GoDaddy is proud to support small business owners with eCommerce tools that work as hard as they do.

Have an idea you want to turn into an online business? Need to stay ahead of the competition? GoDaddy’s Websites & Stores has a full suite of tools to help grow your business.

Need a website but aren’t planning to sell products from it? Our easy website builder will have you up and running in no time with hundreds of customizable templates.

If you’re looking to sell online, try creating an online store to sell your products to customers across the country or around the world.

Woman taking photo of a shoe with boxes in background

Both options include a blog, email marketing tool and GoDaddy InSight. This smart tool tells you how you're doing online compared to other successful small businesses like yours. It recommends the steps you should take next to:

  • Bring more likely customers to your website or store
  • Improve the response to your Facebook and Instagram posts
  • Get listed in online listings like Google

There’s no need to mastermind this all yourself — just follow the instructions Insight provides.

With the full backing of GoDaddy’s 24/7 free and friendly customer support to bolster your business and coach you through any questions, you’ll never be alone.

What’s next for Olympian Andre DeGrasse and GoDaddy Canada?

Don’t miss future updates from this Canadian superstar! Following his return from the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, GoDaddy Canada and DeGrasse will kick off a virtual media tour to keep the energy going!

As life starts to return to normal, will small business owners finally get a rest? Not likely.

Many Canadians have changed their buying habits permanently, so entrepreneurs in 2021 will need to be online and ready to reach new audiences and serve their customers. GoDaddy’s Websites + Stores offers a full suite of marketing tools to help you:

  • Get your business online
  • Create an online store to sell your products
  • Share your idea with the world via a suite of digital marketing tools

There’s no time to rest as business communities come back to life, but Canadian entrepreneurs have shown they are unstoppable in the face of challenges.