Free WordPress themes for real estate websites [updated]

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Ashliegh Gehl

Improving curb appeal is one of many tactics real estate agents use when trying to sell a house. The same approach can be used on a real estate website or blog. With free WordPress themes, real estate agents can create a customized web presence that suits their personal style and hints at the services they provide.

Sometimes the first impression is the only impression that matters, as it can hook potential clients.

Tailoring a free WordPress theme to the way you do business shows potential buyers and sellers what’s possible with the right agent. If you’re a real estate broker looking for a unique way to showcase your properties and expertise, a WordPress theme is the way to go.

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What’s a WordPress theme?

In a nutshell, a WordPress theme is a pre-built template that controls the design and features of your website or blog. This includes fonts, colours and page layouts.

Themes are great because all of the coding is already done for you.

As the idiom goes, “variety is the spice of life.” WordPress has so many themes to choose from that it’s easy to keep your website or blog fresh, lively and contemporary. Once your WordPress website is up and running, you can test-drive new themes any time.

Visit the WordPress theme directory to see featured, popular and recently added themes.

Why WordPress?

If you dream it, WordPress can do it. That’s why it’s one of the most popular content management systems in the world. In fact, 30 percent of the web uses WordPress. It’s powerful, flexible, adaptable and responsive. And it has a lively community to tap into for information and advice.

Be it desktop, smartphone or tablet, you want your content to look good on every device.

You never know how a buyer is going to find you and what technology is at their fingertips when they do. WordPress has you covered, as it makes your website or blog look its best on every piece of tech. (Before settling on a theme just be sure to confirm that it’s responsive.)

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The easiest way to build a WordPress website

Reputation and real estate go hand-in-hand. You’re not putting a lot of effort into your blog or website for nothing. You want it to be read, for your content to be shared and for the properties on your list to sell.

If technology isn’t one of your skills, try Managed WordPress for easy startup.

With Managed WordPress from GoDaddy, you simply customise a pre-built website that has all of the bells and whistles. You also get:

  • A free domain name.
  • One year of Microsoft Office 365 email free (one mailbox).
  • Exceptional 24/7 customer support.

Once you pick a package, you’re ready to select a one of the many free WordPress themes that come with Managed WordPress.

Start fast with a free WordPress theme

Free WordPress Themes 14 MWP Subcategories

Finding the right WordPress theme is akin to window shopping. Some themes you’ll glance at, while others will catch your attention. Click the theme, explore its functionality, discover what makes it unique.

It’s fun to see how your content looks in a specific theme. It’s all about discovery and finding a theme that resonates with you.

What’s great about GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress, is that you can quickly search the theme library to find a category that relates to your area of expertise — from real estate agent to developer, appraiser and home staging.

All GoDaddy WordPress themes include:

Browse through the entire library of Managed WordPress themes here. Don't limit yourself to those labeled as free WordPress real estate themes either — scroll through other categories like Home Services or Construction to find a theme you can customise to suit your purposes.

1. Nook Real Estate theme

If you’re looking to make a statement, the Nook Real Estate theme is worth a trial run.

The header photo is perfect for showing off your latest listing in a larger-than-life way. The modern layout features a prominent navigation menu that visitors can’t miss. As mentioned earlier, first impressions are important and this theme makes an impression that lasts.

The blocks below the main photo could feature clickable photos of available listings.


  • Incorporate unique details that capture the essence of each property.
  • Use clear, compelling photographs that illustrate the space. If a photo is out of focus, it could look like the realtor is trying to conceal something unpleasant.
  • Be mindful of colour combinations and try to keep the tones consistent.

2. Ashby WordPress Theme

Different home buyers like different styles, so it pays to feature a variety on your real estate website. The Ashby theme capitalizes on this by opening with a large image of a modern interior.

This image can easily be swapped out for a photograph of you, with friends or family members posing as buyers. Use the screens below the main image for separate sections for buyers and sellers perhaps.


  • You can customize the items in the main navigation bar to suit your needs. For example, Services could be changed to Listings.
  • If you don’t plan to blog, the Blog menu item can be turned off (and turned back on later if needed).
  • The Gallery section could have photographs of the area, or it could be a scrapbook of all of the properties you’ve sold. If these photographs have the buyers or sellers in them, even better! (Just be sure to get their permission before publishing their images online.) It strengthens your reputation.

3. Dunn Real Estate theme

As with all GoDaddy WordPress themes, the title in this one can be quickly changed to "Buy or sell with the best" or another a real estate message.

Likewise, the photo can be quickly swapped out for any photo on your computer, or a royalty-free image you find on a site like pixabay or pexels.

You can also change the accent colour on this theme to match your business colours with just a few clicks.


  • Use still images to link to videos or virtual tours of individual properties.
  • Test out your theme on your devices to see if you like how your listings look.
  • Add Google maps to your listings. Chances are, a buyer is going to want to see where the property is located.

Free WordPress themes recap

Choosing a WordPress theme is actually fun, as there are so many to choose from. Because your theme determines how your website or blog works and functions, it’s an important choice. So take your time and find a theme that resonates with you. Then add the functionality you need with plug-ins.

Consider Managed WordPress from GoDaddy. Especially if you’re a one-person shop.

It’s like having a team of supportive web experts who care about your success in your back pocket. Here’s to a profitable 2024!

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