Innovating to reduce water scarcity in India

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Nidhi Hola

Safe drinking water is a basic human right. This is the premise of Smaat India, a company that started in 2006 in Hyderabad with an aim to develop cutting-edge technologies to provide user-friendly and affordable water solutions to everyday people. For Smaat, reducing water scarcity in India is a driving passion.

India is projected to be a water-stressed nation by 2020 and ranks 120th among 122 nations in the availability of potable water.

Smaat India’s impact and influence are clearly visible from their impressive numbers. Today, more than 250 employees serve 16,000 satisfied customers across 33 countries, processing millions of liters of clean water per day.

As a result of its innovative work, Smaat India has received more than 230 national and international awards and accolades. These include:

Smaat India was the first Indian ISO: 9001:2008 and ISO: 14001:2004 compliant company to introduce eco-friendly, user-friendly, non-chemical technologies to the global market.

Making clean water plentiful

Water Scarcity in India Smaat India
Smaat India’s website makes its products, services and awards visible to the world.

With the mission to reduce water scarcity in India and across the world, Smaat India set up their first website in 2000. After a change in company name, they launched Smaat India in 2014.

The website plays a crucial role in the company’s operations.

“Our website serves multiple purposes,” says Mr. Karunakara M Reddy, founder of Smaat India. “It helps to showcase our products and services, serves as a brochure that can be updated regularly and, therefore cost effectively, and allows people across the world to search for us and learn about our company in their own time.”

Mr. Reddy adds, “Businesses gain credibility by having a website. Without one, potential customers will just go to your competitors.”

With high expectations for its website, the company’s “window to the world,” Mr. Reddy was keen to work with a trusted online partner. References from friends for GoDaddy, its reputation as the world’s largest and number one domain registrar, and its great service made the choice easy.

GoDaddy helped us to be available online 24/7 to anyone who wishes to reach us or learn more.

“GoDaddy has lived up to its reputation of being a trusted service provider,” says Mr. Reddy. Today, receives more than 400 visitors per month, with the bulk of its business inquiries coming through its website.

A one-stop shop

Smaat India found everything they needed to go online at GoDaddy’s online store. In fact, they decided to transfer all their domains to GoDaddy and to use GoDaddy’s hosting services for their group websites, too.

The process of buying GoDaddy products online was seamless. By visiting, they could search and register a domain name within minutes. Smaat India knew they wanted to register a .com domain to reinforce their global presence.

A business email address allows Smaat India to position itself in a professional manner in all communications and helps to reinforce their identity with every communication.

Hosting services from GoDaddy provide the confidence of 24/7 uptime and timely service.

The promise of quick and responsive service has helped cement Smaat India’s confidence in their chosen online partner. Smaat India reached out to GoDaddy Customer Support on several occasions for help with hosting and the transfer of domains.

“Service levels are very good,” says Mr. Reddy. “The customer service team resolved all our questions immediately,” he adds.

Ending water scarcity in India

Water Scarcity in India Plants
Smaat India founder Mr. Karunakara M Reddy and staff at the dedication of the Hyderabad office.

Despite the amazing progress that Smaat India has already made, they still have a ways to go, says Mr. Reddy. Smaat India aspires to be one of the most admired brands in India and among the top 10 environmental companies across the globe by 2025.

Smaat plans to open more than 1,000 Smaat Zone franchise stores across India in the coming years.

Recognising that their online presence keeps them connected to the world, Smaat India is confident in their march forward with GoDaddy as their dependable online partner.