Q&A with Shibasis Roy, GoDaddy India Sr. Manager

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Cate Barker

As GoDaddy prepares to open its first Data Centre in India, we caught up with Sr. Manager of Product and Pricing for GoDaddy India to get all the details.

Please provide some background on yourself.

I am currently working as Senior Manager – Product & Pricing (GTM) for GoDaddy based in New Delhi, India.

I drive product and pricing GTM initiatives for the India market.

Shibasis Roy GoDaddy India

I work very closely with the customers in India to make sure we stay relevant in terms of products/ features that we launch in India and remain competitive in our pricing.

I have been with GoDaddy for almost nine years now, handled multiple roles that include reseller enablement, product marketing and pricing. I have been part of the industry for more than 17 years.

Prior to joining GoDaddy, I was with Sify Technologies managing enterprise sales and consulting in application software space.

What is the significance of the new Hosting Centre to Indian customers?

Today, GoDaddy caters to 1.3 million customers in India that include small business owners, web professionals, freelancers, and resellers to name a few.

GoDaddy has data centres across multiple geographies:

  • United States
  • Europe
  • Singapore

India Data Centre has been a long-awaited ask from customers in India and we are happy to announce that now it’s a reality.

India Data Centre, coupled with the new high-performance Optimized Hosting, is going to enhance the overall customer experience.

Mentioned below are some of the specific benefits that the new India Data Centre offers:

  • Better site performance with improved server response times – The closer the website visitor is to the web server, the fewer networks the data passes through. Depending on website design/build, this, in turn, will help improve Page Load Times for businesses that cater to Indian buyers.
  • Increased site traffic with improved search engine optimization (SEO) - Google looks at the country of origin for your IP address when assessing a site for SEO ranking.
  • Avoid extra-legal compliance - One may have to abide by additional regulations and compliance before storing data outside India. Having your website hosted in an in-country data centre helps avoid extra complications and headaches. It also increase confidence from customers that their data is not being sent to another country.

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How long has this been planned?

India Data Centre has been conceptualized long back based on the customer and market insights that we received in India. However, it got operationalized in 2021.

What will this Centre allow GoDaddy India to do that it couldn’t do before?

Other than positively impacting the customer perception about GoDaddy hosting and strengthening its hosting portfolio, the India Data Centre will enable GoDaddy specifically target the below segments:

How will the new Centre benefit the massive community of web developers and designers in India?

Man with laptop standing in data centre

Web developers and designers are a key focus area for GoDaddy and the primary consumer of GoDaddy hosting.

This community not only buys hosting for their internal use and to serve their customers but also, plays the role of an influencer in the decision-making process of the business owner while selecting the right hosting provider.

The India Data Centre will help the web developers and designers offer excellent customer experience, specifically to those whose customers are in India.

The all-new optimized hosting through the India Data Centre delivers excellent user experience with up to nearly 40%#  average improvement in overall server response times and brings more visitors through improved SEO.

In addition, through GoDaddy Pro program (designed especially for the web professionals), one can take advantage of:

Site and client management tools

  • Product discounts
  • Priority support
  • Educational content

This is all provided absolutely FREE.

In what ways can the new Centre benefit Indian entrepreneurs who are planning their own startups?

GoDaddy India Data Centre addresses some of the key concerns that startups might have, specifically during the bootstrapping phase:

  • Performance: The new India Data Centre offers excellent site experience through advanced optimized hosting platform with significantly improved server response time, NVMe SSD that offer 7x more throughput than regular SSDs.
  • Ability to scale: India Data Centre offers a wide range of products and plans that enable a startup to start small with a web hosting plan and scale as traffic to the business website grows.
  • Affordable: The hosting plans offered by GoDaddy are highly affordable, starting as low as INR 119* per month and backed by a 30-day money back guarantee* to make the purchase completely risk-free.
  • Data storage: Some of industry verticals, specifically startups in fintech may need to store the data in a server located in India, a requirement from compliance standpoint.
  • 24/7 expert technical support: GoDaddy offers round-the-clock local tech support for free over phone and chat to make sure the customer could focus on his core business. GoDaddy Guides provide help in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi and English.


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# Based on testing conducted from Aug 2021-Dec 2021 comparing previous GoDaddy hosting platform/hardware.
* Prices are subject to change without prior notice. 30-day money back guarantee is applicable only on annual purchases.