FlexiEle: Transforming human resource management

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Nidhi Hola

Helping organizations leverage the full extent of their human capital is at the heart of why Amitabh Trivedy left his lucrative job in the U.S. to start FlexiEle, which offers a versatile HR software that brings sophisticated processes to any organization, regardless of size.

Based in Gurugram, FlexiEle made a modest start in 2010. It has made significant progress since then and consists of a client list that includes Aditya Birla, Hitachi, Educomp, ShopClues, Pinelabs and many others. Its human resource management system has 55,000+ users globally in 500+ locations in 12 countries.

“This journey of success would not have been possible without a company website that the company launched soon after it started in 2010,” shares Lakshmi Trivdey, co-founder of FlexiEle.

FlexiEle and GoDaddy

FlexiEle Founders

Cognizant of the role that the company’s website would play in reaching out to prospective clients and conveying information about the company, Amitabh wanted to align with the best in the business to ensure his objectives were met. He decided to go with GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain registrar. His trust in GoDaddy has only grown over his seven-year association.

As he says: “GoDaddy is the most transparent service provider. What they say is what you get, and nothing is hidden. GoDaddy’s products make it simple to start a digital presence with an easy-to-use interface. We have been with GoDaddy since 2010 and have never thought of looking for an alternate option. Their unmatched customer service has helped us in our journey, and we have never faced any delay in getting a response from them.”

FlexiEle’s website, flexiele.com, is a key source in generating leads for the company, with 50 to 70 prospects visiting their website every month and a conversion rate of around 15 percent.

Products for success

FlexiEle bought hosting services, registered its .com domain name, and purchased an SSL certificate from GoDaddy.

The process of buying GoDaddy products on its website was seamless for them. By visiting in.GoDaddy.com, Amitabh was able to search for a domain name, register it, and buy a hosting plan within minutes.

FlexiEle was pleased to register their business name as the domain name.

Amitabh chose to register a .com domain name, which is easy to remember and recall for most people, in addition to conveying a global presence.

GoDaddy’s Website Hosting guarantee of 99.9 percent uptime added to his comfort of knowing that his business will face no downtime. Furthermore, its one-click setup, storage availability, easy, on-the-fly resource upgrades and 24/7 security monitoring has not only made the process of launching his website an easy one, but continues to deliver peace of mind.

FlexiEle Website

Additionally, to provide users with a safe experience, they secured their website with an SSL certificate.

GoDaddy SSL Certificates are a simple and cost-effective way to protect classified information, such as passwords and credit card numbers that are submitted on a website.

Consequently, these allow customers to transact with confidence, knowing that the information they enter is protected. SSL encryption allows for the safe passage of information, blocking it from any potential third-party access.

A partnership for the future

“Every business knows that to succeed, one needs to have the right service offerings,” says Amitabh. “FlexiEle has experienced this time and again with GoDaddy Customer Care, where every support call that they have made to them has been met with a satisfactory resolution — and in record time.”

Amitabh recalls a recent occasion where the GoDaddy’s India MD visited them in their office and spent time with the founders and employees. “Their initiative of visiting their customers at their workplaces is really amazing. This clearly shows how important customers and their feedback is for GoDaddy,” he adds.

Start your own venture

Ready to take your own business online? GoDaddy is ready to help. If you’re inspired by Amitabh and Lakshmi Trivedy’s story, be sure to visit in.GoDaddy.com to see what we can do to help.