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Nikhil Arora

“Think big” is what Lalchand Bodhwani told himself when he embarked on his journey as an entrepreneur in 2015. His father, senior Mr. Bodhwani, started L. Kishanchand Fabrics Pvt. Ltd., a textiles business in 1982. LKFabkart is in fact born out of the company Lalchand’s father started all those years ago in Surat, the textile hub of the nation.

In 2015, when Lalchand joined his father’s business, he realised the potential of taking it online.

He decided to take their existing B2B distribution model online and make it accessible easily on a global scale. was launched in 2017. The website connects textile wholesalers to both large retail and small home business owners, who can now buy their stock online in the comfort of their homes.

“Every business needs to be disrupted at regular intervals,” says Lalchand. “With LKFabkart, we simply reinvented the traditional distribution model of Indian textiles and made it globally accessible, at the click of a button.”, though still in its infancy, has enjoyed tremendous success already. More than 5000+ brands trust them as their intermediary to the 2000+ retailers on their platform.

Stitching the gaps

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Despite initial hiccups, LKFabkart finally launched their website in December 2017. After registering their domain name with GoDaddy, they opened up for business online.

”We had already failed twice in web development, so we wanted to make sure that this time we got the best of every technological aspect,” says Lalchand.

“When the IT team suggested GoDaddy, it just seemed like the right choice. GoDaddy as an online partner had been so worth it!” confirms Lalchand.

Over time, LKFabkart has consolidated all its online tools with GoDaddy, from domain names to web hosting and SSL certificates.

“We had been facing a lot of issues with our previous service provider,” explains Lalchand. “But once we started to engage with GoDaddy, we realized the importance of having a trusted and transparent service provider.”

Online setup made easy

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LKFabkart found everything they needed to succeed online at GoDaddy. The GoDaddy team guided them through the process of transferring their domains and hosting from their previous service provider. GoDaddy’s technical guidance ensured a seamless transition.

”GoDaddy helped us get our business online quickly and easily.”

LKFabkart chose to register a dot com domain name, the world’s most popular domain.

GoDaddy's reliable web hosting keeps up and running. It features 99.9 percent uptime guarantee and award-winning 24/7 tech support. Most importantly, Lalchand has the comfort of knowing that with GoDaddy’s web hosting, his business website will face no downtime, which could mean lost sales.

Further, to provide visitors to their website with a safe experience, LKFabkart secured it with SSL encryption. GoDaddy’s SSL certificates are a simple and cost-effective way to protect the private information such as passwords and credit card numbers submitted to a website. This allows customers to buy with confidence, knowing that the information they enter is safe from online theft.

Par excellence customer support

Of all their interactions with GoDaddy, its customer support especially receives two thumbs up from Lalchand. “Usually I get bored on customer service calls,” he shares, “but it never happened with Godaddy customer service calls. During the initial two weeks, the IT team would call GoDaddy customer service almost every day, which then converted into regular follow-up calls from GoDaddy to us to check on our progress.”

“I’m glad I decided to work with GoDaddy,” says Lalchand, overwhelmed by the care extended to them by their online partner. “We were able to ship our first international order to Malaysia thanks to our website being available online. The customer was so pleased with our online experience and services he placed a second order within 15 days only. Thank you GoDaddy,” he signs off.

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