Madefromhome uses GoDaddy Pro to help digital creators

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Mallika Krishnamoorthy

Aligned with the mission of GoDaddy Pro, Madefromhome is a startup set up by industry leaders with the intention of helping freelancing professionals find opportunities.

Madefromhome has recently received the Startup India Program recognition from the Government of India. Startup India is an enabler of business ecosystems which includes government procurement, ease of business, knowledge exchange, innovation in infrastructure and employment. Meet Siddharth Goenka, the founder of the company.

This interview has been gently edited for length and clarity.

Siddharth Goenka madefromhome
Siddharth Goenka, founder of Madefromhome.

Malika Krishnamoorthy: Presumably self-evident, but your thoughts behind the name of your company?

Siddharth Goenka: The name Madefromhome takes inspiration from the very birthplace of all creativity. Life has us creating moments, events, exchanges, tangible or intangible, in the most productive and conducive environment of all: The Home.

A home is an ideal environment for freedom, expression and creativity. 

No wonder many of the highest valued companies began in their respective homes, backyards or garages. 

Currently Madefromhome’s roots are in Pune India, a bustling yet idyllic, technologically vested city in the state of Maharashtra.

MK: What is madefromhome all about?

SG: Madefromhome is an online marketplace for digital creators, freelancers, and artists to collaborate with prospective brands and businesses, to create media and content for platform-oriented objectives. Our mission is to create economic opportunities for creative professionals.

The key to our mission is that these opportunities should be equally available to all qualified talent within the community. Our goal is for members of our community to feel welcome on the site and express their creative freedom towards work and businesses firsthand, without filtration of ideas or the apprehension of gratuitous boundaries.

Madefromhome was created by friends and family who have been struggling in these recent times of the Year 2020-21.

Owing to the pandemic, many professionals lost jobs, family members besides a world we all were familiar with. With offices closing, we decided to go online with our initiative of bringing forth employment opportunities during these troubled times.

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MK: A start-up usually fills in a burning need, a gap in a system, overlooked hitherto. Do you think timing plays a role too?

SG: In an emerging eCommerce market, there is a lack of an organized, curated digital marketplace where businesses and startups can form their own virtual teams of artists and digital creators for short- and long-term projects.

In terms of timing, it was the need of the hour for many. 


Shrinking office spaces and jobs have left many artists and digital creators in a limbo.

Many companies, for reasons of economic survival owing to the pandemic, have either shut down or laid off talent in huge numbers.

MK: What were some of the initial challenges you or your team encountered and how did you overcome them? 

SG: When creating Madefromhome from scratch, we had a long list of challenges. It was only a matter of time when we realized how aligned we were to GoDaddy's complete structure of providing start-ups like ours with turn-key solutions when it came to website, customer, and content management.

Instead of relying on a spate of professionals whose knowledge was limited to the services and platforms they were accustomed to, we drew up the blueprints of Madefromhome from the vastly exhaustive and comprehensive packages offered by GoDaddy.

For website design or any social media campaign we undertake, we introduce the GoDaddy tools and services to our customers for easy control and for the tracking of their growth. 

GoDaddy Pro empowers start-ups with in-built clarity and control over endeavors and achievable targets in the rapidly changing landscape of the internet world. 

Madefromhome benefits from the GoDaddy Pro’s one-stop dashboard, including:

  • Client management
  • Content management
  • Maintenance check-ups
  • Analytics
  • Performance check
  • Backups
  • SEO reports
madefromhome freelancing website

These make our conversations and interactions online and offline more meaningful and credible. Data and support resources have generated greater credibility with which we present our creative ideas.

The tools infuse immense strength and muscle to each one. 

Online tools and education courses helped us gain information, structured education and build a focused path towards our goals and achievements.

MK: On a trip down memory lane, what do you think has impacted the shaping of an entrepreneur in you? 

SG:  Coming from a tremendously impactful art background, I believe when I look back that there were times I was not too satisfied with a job alone, there was always an inner voice I had to give heed to. 

Over the years I have realized that my calling, my dream role is to create opportunities and livelihood for others. I had never understood how I would go about achieving this dream or exactly for whom (who would ‘All’ mean).

After a good 21 years in creating media and content, I came to the conclusion that every single person in the industry possesses an innate unrealized potential and can be groomed to create value, provided they showed inclination and steadfast drive.


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