Salad Days tosses up a healthy mix of digital assets

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Nidhi Hola

Salad Days customer story at a glance

  • Business:
  • Founded: February 2014
  • Product: Salad Days delivers handcrafted premium salads in Gurgaon, India
  • GoDaddy helped us: Launch our online presence and provide secure transactions on our website
  • Results: A safe website that acts as their window to the world to help them fulfill their mission of making healthy eating a normal part of the Indian lifestyle
Salad Days Founders

In the case of entrepreneurs Varun Madan and Kunal Gangwani, their business idea found them during a visit to Europe. Their experiences eating fresh salads tossed together with freshly sourced raw ingredients teased not only their taste buds, but also their entrepreneurial spirit. It seemed intuitive to create a business to offer healthy, on-the-go meals to consumers in India, as it was an unexplored food category in the country due to both supply and demand. Thus, Salad Days was born in February 2014, to address the market void of serving healthy, wholesome and tasty food at reasonable prices.

The driving force behind Salad Days is an ambition to become synonymous with healthy eating. The company offers only salads and all-natural juices, with the promise of freshness at the core of the business.

“We wish to do less, but do it extremely well,” says Madan. “We wish to be the best in our segment, as opposed to being the biggest.”

This ethos of perfection has been Madan and Gangwani’s guide to making business decisions as well, which is evident in their selection of GoDaddy as their online partner.

Salads on the web

Salad Days Website

Salad Days is an internet business and its online presence is the key factor in the company’s success. With such high expectations for its web assets, choosing the right digital partner required careful consideration. The founders at Salad Days decided to park their trust with GoDaddy, a brand that not only held top-of-mind recall with them, but was also the most referred by friends, and had excellent reviews from its users. Once this decision was made, Madan and Gangwani’s first act was to get online with the selection of a domain name.

Given its importance, picking the right domain was a business-defining decision! As Madan says:

“Our domain name is our identity on the web, and it is through this that users will find/discover our website. We wanted a domain name that reflects our company name and is therefore easy to remember and search. We did not want to compromise on it. GoDaddy’s recommendation of a .co extension was a game changer since a .com domain extension was unavailable.”

Madan and Gangwani are both pleased with their choice of GoDaddy, and are aware of the importance of selecting the right partners for success.

With the widest array of products and services, ease of doing business and most competitive prices, GoDaddy has helped the startup get the best value for its money.

Picking the right ingredients for Salad Days

The first steps the founders took after deciding to open a business was registering the Salad Days domain name – – and purchasing an SSL certificate from GoDaddy to ensure secure transactions on their website. The process of buying GoDaddy products was seamless for the Salad Days tech team. By visiting GoDaddy India, they were able to search for and register a domain name within minutes.

Furthermore, knowing that users shopping online might be hesitant to order if they do not trust an online store, Salad Days was resolute in ensuring that their net-savvy customers enjoy the perfect user experience with the comfort of knowing they are safe on the business’s website. Madan and Gangwani purchased an SSL certificate from GoDaddy to keep payments and customer data safe.

GoDaddy SSL certificates are a simple and cost-effective tool to use to protect the private information – passwords, credit card numbers, etc. – submitted on a website.

These allow customers to complete transactions with confidence and be more likely to stay on a website for longer periods of time, knowing that the information they enter is protected.

Customer service that goes beyond

While Salad Days has not felt the need to reach out to GoDaddy’s customer care, the business is especially appreciative of the service calls it receives regarding renewals.

“These timely alerts are highly appreciated and the customer care experience is great,” confirms Gangwani.

A healthy future for Salad Days

Salad Days’ long-term goal is to drive an appreciation for the value of good, clean and wholesome food that nourishes the body. “We wish for people to see health food in a new light, where it’s not just another fad, but part of a healthy lifestyle,” says Madan.

The company is confident it will meet its goal, one order at a time, knowing that GoDaddy is working behind the scenes to create seamless experiences for each and every one of Salad Days’ users.

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