Shivaami reaches for the clouds with GoDaddy

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Nikhil Arora

Research by Gartner pegs the growth of India’s public cloud market to rise by more than 53 per cent by 2020, as the world’s fastest-growing economy becomes more digitised. SME organisations are driving the demand for cloud computing services in India because the cloud enables them to run faster, more efficiently and at reduced costs.

Encouraged by this forecast, Punit Thakkar, Founder of Shivaami Cloud Services in Mumbai, added cloud services as a key focus stream for his ISP company. Shivaami is a premier partner for G Suite and has a team of experts directly trained by Google.

Destination cloud

Founded in 2004, Shivaami has offices in six key Indian cities. More than 7,000 clients, 150 employees and a solid reputation in the marketplace ascertain their success.

Besides grit, hard work and drive, Shivaami’s growth can also be credited to its strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Google for Cloud, and GoDaddy as a reseller for its entire product suite.

Partners in progress

“Our association with GoDaddy has been good for our brand,” confirms Punit. “GoDaddy is a brand giant and our association and its resultant benefits have been good for Shivaami’s brand image.”

GoDaddy’s comprehensive product portfolio helped Shivaami expand their business, while their 24X7 support delivered on customer satisfaction.

Shivaami’s collaboration with GoDaddy began in early 2014, when it signed up for its Reseller Program. But Shivaami first crossed paths with GoDaddy as a customer, when it registered its domain name with the global domain giant.

GoDaddy’s Reseller Program enables businesses such as Shivaami to sell services such as email, hosting and SSL certificates to their customers. Unlike any other registrar in India, GoDaddy offers 40+ products, which are white-labeled for resale.

Shivaami Cloud Puneet Thakker

The program supports resellers with credit card processing, 24/7 live support for their customers, free software, advertising tools, marketing support, sales and commission reports and standard buy rates that are up to 40 per cent lower than retail costs.

“The addition of GoDaddy’s portfolio of products to our business has helped us to acquire more customers and add more value,” says Punit. “GoDaddy provides us with very reasonable prices that make it attractive for any business looking to start off!”

Advantages galore

GoDaddy’s lead-generation support has been another exceptional feature of the Reseller Program. A recent email marketing campaign run by Shivaami generated a large number of leads. Advice on the nature of the campaign to run helped Shivaami to create customised offers for local markets.

“We have been able to maintain a high retention of nearly 95 percent of our customers owing to our levels of service, all thanks to GoDaddy.”

Overall, Punit highly appreciates GoDaddy's professional and personalized inputs in Shivaami's marketing efforts, which have made a positive impact on the bottom line.

Further, the support of a local GoDaddy business development representative has proved invaluable for Shivaami. Any support issue or query has been resolved quickly and efficiently, and on priority. This has directly improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Clear skies ahead for Shivaami Cloud Services

With the backing and support of partners like GoDaddy, Shivaami has raised its internal bar, and is aiming for exponential growth. The company aims to acquire 22K+ customers by 2020 as part of its 1000-day vision.

“Thank you GoDaddy,” says Punit, signing off.