Swagger.Desi: Designing T-shirts for India’s youth

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Nidhi Hola

Dhvanit Upadhyay, co-founder of Swagger.Desi, built an eCommerce website selling quirky and custom T-shirts and apparel. Its unique selling proposition lies in the designs and comfort of its wares. Looking for a stable partner as their company continues to succeed, they turned to GoDaddy for products and services backed by world-class support. As a result, they’ve enjoyed regular traffic to their site and a good conversion rate.

Swagger.Desi — expanding horizons

Swagger.Desi Horizons

Swagger.desi has a very simple vision — customize fashion for the youth so it’s both a personal statement for the end user and affordable and convenient to acquire. With their cool new website and product offering, they have done exactly that. Targeting the Indian youth, their clothing is not only a style statement, but also an extension of one’s own beliefs. Customers can select from their extensive design list or use the online designer tool to create their own T-shirts.

Their No. 1 priority is customer satisfaction, while also ensuring that customers receive exactly what they ordered right to their doorsteps.

With growing eCommerce in India and people being more conscious about their physical appearance, Swagger.Desi has ambitious growth plans going forward (even venturing into mobile-phone cover designs).

The virtual expedition

From the beginning, Dhvanit was convinced this had to be a purely online venture. Keeping that in mind, getting the right domain name and correct infrastructure, hosting and payment gateway was of extreme importance. He says:

“I chose GoDaddy because they have a good reputation in the market, and I personally know of a few friends who have been customers of [GoDaddy] for long [time] and are pretty happy with the experience.”

When asked about his choice in domain name, he says, “Just like our product offering, we wanted our online presence to be unique, too. While .com was a customary choice, we felt that using a domain like .desi will give us the eccentric edge we were looking for. Not only was the domain easily available, but it was also reasonable, too.”

Future quests

Swagger.Desi Website

Dhvanit is one of our many happy customers, and his partnership with GoDaddy has helped to establish a successful online presence and reach untapped markets. His aim to provide consumers with the best possible experience, coupled with a solid setup for eCommerce, means success is on the horizon.

To learn more about how GoDaddy can help your business, visit in.GoDaddy.com.