6 client appreciation ideas

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Utkarsh Singh

Happy customers are the biggest asset to any company. They not only make repeat purchases but also give you referrals that help grow your business. Once you know how to satisfy your clients, you have lesser operating costs because you can build your process around their needs and wants. In this article, we will discuss six ways of client appreciation that help build a list of raving fans and more importantly, brand advocates.

If you’re a web developer or designer and have loyal customers, you are certainly a blessed one.

While you might be feeling grateful to your existing customers, it’s imperative to let them know how much you value them.

6 client appreciation ideas to keep customers forever

Did you know it costs you less to keep a current customer than to gain a new one? It’s true. Here are 6 simple ways to keep clients happy and loyal.

  1. Send a thankful email.
  2. Feature them on your website, blog or social page.
  3. Surprise them.
  4. Use their suggestions.
  5. Share your values.
  6. Send the coupon, discount or free gift.

Regular expressions of consideration will strengthen the bond between your business and its clients, ensuring business profitability for years to come.

1. Send a thankful email

The first and easiest customer appreciation tactic is to send them a personalized email appreciating them for entrusting their website to you.

Love notes always work.

Of course, handwritten notes look even more personal and considerate. They cost you almost nothing more than your time.

Client Appreciation Give Thanks Sign
Any thoughtful gesture that’s unexpected can make clients feel valued.

Few points to remember to make a lasting impression on your customers:

  • Use pen or marker
  • Address them by their names
  • Write a candid message
  • Thank them in the end

In these digital times, receiving a handwritten card will surely impress.

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2. Feature them on your website, blog or social page

Who doesn’t want to feel special?

In the words of the late poet Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will not forget how you made them feel.”

Make your customers feel special by featuring them on your website.

You can feature their business stories on your home page or publish a video or blog post with their interview.

Or you could create one roundup blog post on what your clients say about you. Be sure to link to featured client websites, so readers can learn more about their businesses.

Social media is another place where you can feature your clients. You can upload their pic with what they said about you as a Facebook or Instagram Story.

Client Appreciation Instagram Post

This strategy not only delights your customers, but also lets others know how good you are.

For example, I see a lot of my friends tagged in pictures of restaurants they recently visited. Being featured on their social media profile is a great way of appreciating their visit to the restaurant.

The business hits two birds with one stone with this strategy. While sharing pictures of visitors acts as an online shout-out, it also draws their visitors’ friends to the page.

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3. Surprise them

Everyone loves surprises.

You don’t have to give the farm; a small token of appreciation can bring a smile and win a heart.

However, some companies outdo everyone else and create stories that people can’t help but share. Toronto Dominion, one of the largest banks in North American, distributed $20 to every customer one Friday in 2014.

You as a web developer or designer might surprise your clients with a:

  • Free website or SEO audit
  • Free minor customization
  • Any other service that you provide that they are not availing

You’ll not just awe them but next time they need that service, they know whom to approach.

4. Use their suggestions

Client Appreciation Hindustan Pencils

When you acknowledge and use a customer’s feedback, it makes them feel special and a part of the organization.

Hindustan Pencils is India’s largest pencil manufacturer, established in 1958. The company’s response to the concerned mother of a left-handed daughter is winning hearts on social media.

The company acknowledged the issue, sent a set of custom-made sharpeners to the girl and planned for the regular production of such sharpeners. It’s safe to say this family will be their customers for life.

5. Share your values

An HBR study says that 64% of customers are loyal to particular companies because of what the company stands for.

Client Appreciation Bourn Vita

In an outstanding campaign, Cadbury Bournvita launched its women’s health drink with a surprise free shopping trip. In this campaign, select women were told at the billing counter that their shopping would be completely free. They were then asked what they bought and why. Almost every woman had bought grocery items with their families in mind but nothing for themselves. The staff member then asked them to promise to take care of themselves along with the family.

You can talk about your values and beliefs on the About page of your website so that when people visit, they know your value system and connect instantly.

6. Send a coupon, discount or free gift

One of the most conventional ways of customer appreciation is sending them coupons, discounts or free gifts.

You can send these freebies on:

  • A special occasion like their birthday or anniversary
  • Once they pass a certain purchase threshold that you choose
  • To commemorate milestones in their business (new location, public recognition, etc.)

You could also fetch a list of your valuable clients and dispatch gifts to all in one go.

Remember, sending gifts on special occasions can lead customers to expect one every year. So either choose an affordable gift or go with the first strategy.

Thank everyone or just a few clients?

We often face the dilemma of appreciating all vs. appreciating some customers.

Although more is always better, if there is a lack of resources (which generally is the case) always remember the Pareto principle.

80% of a company’s profit comes from 20% of its clients.

Therefore, it is more sensible to focus your time and efforts on identifying those top 20% and leaving no stone unturned to appreciate them and win them forever.

Customer appreciation: your new secret weapon

So, there you have it — six amazing client appreciation ideas that you can use to make your customers fall head over heels in love with you and your brand. Any customer appreciation efforts pay off in longer, stronger relationships with clients.

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