Craft your company’s slogan and tagline! [+ best slogans]

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Mallika Krishnamoorthy

Slogans have always been fun to read! They’re a tool used by businesses to generate a positive response among likely customers. As a startup, your aim is to create the best slogan for your company or campaign. 

A slogan is a short, memorable catchphrase that captures your company's core values, personality, and positioning.

Startups are like athletes lined up for a marathon, every muscle taut, raring to go at the sound of a gunshot. Who makes it to the finish line is anybody's guess, but preparation is key.

A slogan is part of your preparation kit. Getting the best slogan out for your company is a sure-shot way to make potential customers sit up and take notice.

Here is some information to help you create a slogan or tagline for your company.

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Famous Indian slogans and taglines

Powerful slogans are never forgotten but carried forward over generations in India. They creep surreptitiously out from posters and hoardings into people's homes, minds and eventually into teatime conversations, as a vital part of a family. 

Children flock in living rooms to watch television, screaming out slogans in chorus, hands clapping incessantly, as they appear on the screen. 

Slogans become living and breathing entities.

There comes a time when nobody is able to ignore the power of beloved slogans and the adults join in, for once forgetting they are older, serious folks, reliving their childhood days in total abandon. 

Digital Lancome billboard

Popular slogans stand the test of time. If you are not an Indian and wish to check the reaction it has on one, try uttering these slogans. Almost every Indian will grin ear to ear upon hearing them. 

Here's a list of some of the best slogans and beloved taglines in India.

Examples of best slogans

  • Utterly Butterly Delicious - Amul
  • Yahi Hai Right Choice Baby - Pepsi
  • Designed With You In Mind/ Experience the Desire/ Neighbor's Envy, Owner's Pride. No tagline. - Onida
  • Creating Happy Travelers/ Smart Way to Travel/ Ehsaan Mat Lo Discount Lo -
  • Aaj Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye - Cadbury
  • Amul The Taste of India - Amul
  • Wah Taj! - Taj Mahal
  • Flowers, Anywhere Anytime - Ferns N Petals
  • Do you have it in you? - Indian Army
  • Humara Bajaj - Bajaj

Difference between a tagline and slogan

While the slogan is the more popular of the two, a tagline is what you might first want to derive for your company. The two terms are used interchangeably. However, there is a subtle difference.

A tagline is permanent while a slogan is temporary, usually created as part of a marketing strategy for a campaign, festival, etc. 

A slogan can be changed, replaced or removed after the event it was created for has concluded.

What separates the good from truly the best slogans?

Great slogans stick in people's minds, and pleasantly so at that. They are clever and many are cute too.

The best slogan is a combination of brevity, clarity, and simplicity. Phrases that create a lasting memory, relatable to your target demographic find the greatest appeal.

Memorable slogans are crafted with a clear purpose in mind. They're designed to convey a clear idea in a compelling way.

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How to create a great slogan or tagline

Your slogan/tagline should be smart enough to immediately establish your brand identity. 

Spending time to create the right one is definitely worth your while.

Though merely a few words, a slogan/tagline is a key component in promoting brand awareness and marketing appeal. 

1. Grab a pen and notebook!

Time to answer some questions and dive into our quest for the best slogan or tagline:

  • What benefits does your product offer?
  • Why exactly is it superior to the other similar products already out in the market?
  • Who is your target audience (i.e. the people most likely to become customers)?
  • What problem does your product solve or what need of your audience is met by it? How effectively does it do that?
  • Exactly how does your product solve the customer's problem?
Woman writing in a notebook with a silver pen

2. Inch closer!

This will further your quest into the hitherto unknown! What type of slogan are you planning on from among this list:

Advertising - promotes a specific product or service and is used in ad campaigns.

Business - to represent your entire company. The words set the tone from the get-go! A good example of this is Nike’s slogan, “Just do it.”

Creative - specific, concise, with a view to promoting a product, this type of slogan establishes an immediate connection.

Descriptive - a slogan that explains your product and services. This is informative and useful in giving a quick idea of what to expect.

Emotive – draws customers to you with a whiff of nostalgia, the warmth of familiarity. An example is ads that convey the unbridled joy of exploring a forest trail while listening to the sound of crickets in the wild. What visuals and emotions strongly represents your product? 

3. Identify your brand's voice

Make sure your slogan is in alignment with your business personality. Is it humorous or emotional? Serious or playful?

If you're playing with being abstract as a brand, the abstractness of it should also be conveyed with clarity. 

The ultimate aim is to establish a distinct voice and tone that speaks effectively to your target audience and in clear, simple terms.

4. Contextualize further!

In the Indian context, local cultures, languages, and slangs play prominent roles in creating slogans.

If your product or service is Indian, look for the most identifiable words or phrases that can be associated with it. 

Is it for the youth, the middle-aged, or the senior citizen segment?

Play with the ideas, contort and distort enough to explore all possibilities. Enjoy the process. A whiff of local culture can draw people magically to your product. Can you incorporate it into your slogan? Explore!

5. Get to work!

Person writing on brightly coloured notes

Brainstorm all your ideas. Make note of all the slogans you can think of, writing them each down. Do not hesitate to write them down, even if you didn't personally rate them brilliant.

Churn those ideas. If you need help or experience a mental block, use online slogan makers to generate more ideas. 

Don’t expect immediate answers but brainstorm, deliberate, shortlist, revisit, eliminate choices, narrow down, take a breather, give it a few days, repeat till you are sure of the choice you’ve made. 

Done? Found one? Congratulations!

Trivia time!

Ever wondered when the term “slogan” was first used? 

If you thought it was a recent invention, you’re far from the truth. 

"Beecham’s Pills: Worth a guinea a Box" from August 1859, is considered to be the world's first advertising slogan.

In summary

Your slogan or tagline should be your best ‘bait’ for potential customers. 

Short and sweet, clever, yet simple, evocative and inspiring, you choose what you want your customer to experience in the blink of an eye. 

A good slogan registers as your customer is driving back home after a tiring day at work and sees it on a hoarding and goes ‘Woah! Wait a minute!” But they cannot wait and cause traffic jams and so they whiz past, reach home and look up your tagline on the internet.

Your bait was delicious!

Follow the above steps to create a slogan that may one day be listed among the best slogans of all time! Enjoy the ride!