How to make a leather website

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Vinita Malu

In today’s era it’s important to have your business website. But many might feel it’s not easy — and maybe even expensive — to build a website. Let’s see an example of how to make a leather website in an hour (for free).

If you don’t have a website then you are definitely losing big business.

Having a business website isn’t just about selling your leather goods, but it is also to attract suppliers, investors —even media attention. As per an ASSOCHAM-Resurgent joint study, more than 120 million Indian consumers shopped online in 2018 and this figures keep on growing every year. Most of these consumers Google their product before buying it.

The same is true for leather manufacturers that sell to shoe and auto companies. Without a website, your sales will always be limited to your town, region or current buyers.

Also, these days building a business website is easier as you don’t have to know coding or designing and it is cost effective. But at the same time it is important to build a website with the help of a trusted company like GoDaddy.

Make a leather website in 4 steps

Thanks to today’s easy tools, anyone can build a website — quickly and for not much cost.

  1. Start your free trial with GoDaddy.

  2. Pick your business category.

  3. Customize your design.

  4. Preview and publish your website.

Let’s learn how to make a leather website in just four steps.

1. Start your free trial with GoDaddy

Make a Leather Website GoDaddy Start Screen

First, visit the Website Builder page to start making your own website. Then sign up for your free, 14-day trial by simply clicking on the Start for Free button and setting up an account. The existing GoDaddy customer can easily log in with their account rather than creating a new one.

There’s no risk — you won’t even be asked to enter payment details.

Website Builder is a straightforward and simple way to build a brilliant website in under an hour, even if you are not technical. It is so easy that you can build it from your mobile phone, too.

Also, every website built using Website Builder is responsive. This means it will look and work great no matter what type of device it’s viewed on — smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. So you don’t have to worry about doing anything extra for that.

2. Pick your business category

Make a Leather Website Choose Category

Next step is to type in your business category or idea, along with your business name. For instance, in the above image, ‘Leather Goods’ is entered as category and ‘Genuine Leather Goods’ as the business name.

Click Continue and you’ll see a design customized for a leather goods company, complete with professional photos.

3. Customize your design

You can now make the website your own by selecting the look that works best for you. Just swipe right or left on the block in the right-hand toolbox to view different layouts, colors and fonts.

Make a Leather Website Customization View

Once you find a look you like, click Done. For instance, in these pics, we have chosen brown color, Urban theme and Montserrat font.

Change your theme at any time and any photos or text you’ve chosen will appear in the new theme.

Add new sections with a few click

Your website comes with four sections ready to be customized with your photos and text:

  • Home (top of the page) with a photo and your business name, phone and email.
  • About Us to share your company’s story.
  • Contact Us to show clients how to get in touch.
  • Footer (bottom of your website) for copyright information.

At any point, you can add a new section by clicking on the Page menu then Add Section.

Make a Leather Website Add Section View

Choose from various options like:

  • A price list with your wholesale or retail costs.
  • Photo galleries with photos of your raw or finished leather goods.
  • A calendar to share sales and events.
  • Links to your social media profiles.
  • Videos, a blog and more.
Make a Leather Website Options

You can pick any that you want to add to the page and you can add as many sections as you like. (In below photo you can see I added sections for Belts, Bags, Footwear and Accessories.) The finished website will scroll vertically to reveal all the sections.

4. Preview and publish your website

Once you’ve finished adding and customizing pages, you can click on the Preview button at the top right of the builder. Here, you can see what your site will look like to visitors, both on mobile phones and via their desktops. Below image is the previewed screen.

Make a Leather Website Preview Screen

Most people click back and forth between Edit and Preview several times, adjusting photos and adding text until the website looks and reads the way they want it to.

To make your new website visible to the world via the internet, click Publish button in the upper right. Congratulations — you have a website!

Don’t like what you’ve built? Nothing lost

If, after 14 days, you are not satisfied with your GoDaddy website, no harm done. Just allow your plan to lapse and your website will be cancelled. (You might want to copy and save any text or photos you added, as these will disappear with the trial website.)

Make a leather website for your business

That’s all it takes to make a leather website in under an hour.

The best part is you can always come back and add features as your business grows, including:

So what are you waiting for— get your stopwatch ready and try Website Builder today.

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