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NEW GoDaddy Website Security — now a complete security solution

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Vinita Malu

There is no doubt that malicious activities and cyber-attacks in India are rising. According to cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, cyber frauds are likely to continue well into 2021.

Unlike large businesses, small and medium businesses (SMBs) are more vulnerable to such risks, as they either don’t have the required resources and manpower to deal with the threat or they consider themselves not at risk.

The lack of a proper web security solution can cost SMBs not just money but time and reputation too.

Thus, to help businesses like yours safeguard their websites from unwanted threats and possible loss of private data, GoDaddy has introduced a new, greatly improved version of its Website Security.

Better protection

The new Website Security is based on our previous Website Security product, which entailed daily scanning and removal of malware. The new product is based on the feedback from the GoDaddy India customers to improve the product line-up.

The price of the base plan went up by just one dollar; all other plans cost the same price as previously.

The new Website Security suite offers complete protection and peace of mind. You, as the owner of the site, don’t have to worry about any software installation, security scans, or emerging threats. It works on all websites — not just GoDaddy-hosted websites.

The best protection for your website

Screenshot of all the tools now included in website security
GoDaddy’s Website Security suite can be used no matter where a site is hosted.

Website Security provides end-to-end protection of your website with the following features:

1. WAF prevention

The Web Application Firewall (WAF) feature stops the malware before it gets a chance to enter your site. It intercepts and inspects incoming data and removes malicious code, preventing damage from being done to your site (and your business reputation).

2. Malware scanning and removal

As before, your website is scanned daily for malicious content that could put your site, your customers, and your future prospects at risk.

The product automatically scans for malware daily, alerting you when it finds something. All you need to do is submit a malware removal request and our team gets right to work.

3. Blacklist monitoring and removal

Likewise, if your site is infected and blacklisted, you will be notified of the problem and the GoDaddy team will work to get your site cleaned up and removed from the blacklist.

4. SSL Certificate protects private data

The included SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate enables encrypted communication between your customers and your website. It helps to decrease the risk of losing sensitive information to hackers such as:

  • Usernames
  • Passwords
  • Emails
  • Aadhaar numbers

The SSL helps to protect all the private data that is of most interest to the hackers and thieves.

BONUS: Google heavily favors SSL-encrypted websites and pushes them higher in search rankings than those without, helping your business become more visible to new customers.

5. Advanced DDoS protection

The Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack can bring down your website by overwhelming it with a flood of automated traffic. And every minute your site’s down, you’re losing customers and sales.

The advanced security monitoring and WAF features of GoDaddy’s Website Security suite prevent the DDoS attack.

6. BONUS performance boost

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) that now comes with all plans of Website Security improves your site's load time by up to 50%. It does this by storing your content on multiple servers around the world, so it's always close to your site visitors.

Faster is better when it comes to website load times.

Website Security can also protect your website from various attacks like brute force, injection flaws, cross-site scripting, and zero-day attacks. It keeps hackers from accessing your system, stealing sensitive data, and causing possibly catastrophic loss to your business.

Only the base plan has increased (and by just $1)

The new product is available in different plans like Standard, Advanced, and Premium. The base plan price of the new Website Security just went up by one dollar and all other plans remained the same price — despite all the upgrades.

new website security suite plans

The reason for the increase in the base plan is that the earlier plan was reactive.

In other words, it did not secure your website before an attack, it just alerted and cleaned after a cyber-attack. Now, for just one dollar additional, you can get proactive protection in the Standard plan.

No need to buy the different products separately — SSL, malware scanner, WAF — now they’re all bundled together for your ease.

The earlier 'Deluxe' plan is now the 'Advanced' plan and includes the same daily scanning and cleanup, CDN, WAF, SSL plus 25 GB website backup.

Already been hacked? Premier rocks

In case your website’s been hacked and you need to fix it ASAP, you need the Premier plan.

Once you subscribe to the Premier plan, GoDaddy will respond within 30 minutes and get to work on diagnosing and cleaning up your site — 100%, guaranteed. They will also submit a request on your behalf to re-index your site and remove it from any blacklists. The new Premier plan is better and less expensive when compared with the old Express plan.

Also, with this new plan, there is no longer a need for an Express plus extra-generous website backup plan, as the Premier plan provides 200 GB backup. We’ve simplified everything.

Protect your future with the Website Security suite

Exterior photo of an office building.
The new, improved Website Security from GoDaddy protects your business — even as you sleep.

The goal of the product is to make the internet a safe(r) place for everyone. Hence, Website Security can work with:

  • CMS-hosted sites (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.)
  • Custom-coded sites (HTML, PHP, ASP, etc.) regardless of the hosting company

Not only does Website Security protect you and your customers, but it also protects your website’s search rankings by watching a variety of different blacklists and notifying you if you’ve been placed on one.

So what are you waiting for? Start sleeping easier — safeguard your website with GoDaddy’s new, improved Website Security now!

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