What personalized email can do for your small business

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Vipin Labroo

The introduction of free web-based email by the likes of Hotmail and Gmail in the last decade of the millennium caused a veritable revolution in the way individuals communicate with each other. Email soon became as ubiquitous as people’s names! We began to use emails to communicate both on a personal and official level, taking advantage of email’s easy accessibility. In this post, we’ll explain why personalized email, rather than free email, is now preferred for business use.

The indiscriminate use of free email by everyone — including con artists and cybercriminals — has led to people becoming wary of responding to emails.

This has had a very negative impact on small businesses that use free email accounts to communicate officially. It really makes a lot of sense to go for a customized email, which usually includes the business domain name, rather than Gmail or one of the many free email services.

4 reasons to switch to business email

In the rush to get a new business off the ground, it’s easy to overlook details. But if you’re still using Hotmail for business communications, you’re missing out on these benefits.

  1. It gives you a more polished image.

  2. It enhances credibility.

  3. You’ll never have to change it.

  4. It accommodates multiple users.

Read on to learn what you can gain with a professional email account.

Advantages of using custom email for business

There are many reasons to trade in that free email account for a personalized email account for business use. Here are just a few.

1. It gives you a more polished image

Personalized Email Office Building
A custom business email address can make your business seem larger than it is.
Photo: Alok Sharma on Unsplash

The very first advantage of using personalized email for business is that you are able to establish and propagate your brand name. This ensures that every time you send out an email, the recipients understand that it is from your organization. After all, your website domain is right in the email address.

You can further accentuate the brand image by using an official signature template complete with your organization’s brand logo. And all your emails will be completely free of ads.

2. It enhances credibility

The other very major advantage has to do with building credibility with those you send out the emails to. When they receive one from an address that carries your business’s name, they are more likely to respond than if they had received it from a personal email address.

Only domain-based email can have your company name right in the email address.

Besides, the impression that you will convey by using a custom email address is that of being a professional organization and not a possible fly-by-the-night operator.

3. You’ll never have to change it

A custom email address stays with you even if you, for some reason, decide to change your internet service provider (ISP). This is not possible with your run-of-the mill free personal email — if you change ISPs, your email address changes accordingly. Having to notify clients and suppliers of the change can be a great inconvenience for a business.

4. It accommodates multiple users

With a custom email account, you can create email aliases bearing the names of employees as well as departments like billing, customer support and sales:

  • Billing@YourBusinessName.com
  • Sales@YourBusinessName.com
  • Support@YourBusinessName.com

This will make your organization look bigger and better to your clients, making them more likely to respond to your overtures more positively.

Advantages of using Office 365 from GoDaddy

Among the most recommended of personalized email services for business has to be Microsoft O365 Email. Like all of the products and services from this iconic company, Microsoft Office 365 is primed to optimally serve the needs of its users, including small businesses.

Personalized Email O365 From GoDaddy

It provides a great way of reaching out to one’s employees, vendors and clients in the most seamless and efficient way.

Domain-based email

The very first and the foremost advantage is that it gives your business its very own professional email address based on a domain name you own exclusively. This raises the profile and credibility of your business in a major way.

Shared calendars

Office 365 email from GoDaddy offers your business a shared calendar which is a great tool to enhance teamwork and organizational efficiency. This stands your business in good stead, as you would be able to deliver better output to your clients.

Global access to your files

You also obtain access to OneDrive that enables you to back up important data on the cloud. There is no need for your small business to install expensive software to access information where you want and when you want it.

Online conferencing

Only Microsoft Email from GoDaddy enables you to have real-time online meetings and screen-sharing using Skype for Business (PC) or Lync (Mac).

Personalized Email Collaboration
Microsoft O365 Email from GoDaddy comes with added team collaboration tools.
Photo: rawpixel on Unsplash

The popular suite of Office tools

The Online Essentials and Business Premium plans include access to the latest web-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Every time Microsoft releases a new version, it gets delivered to you automatically at no extra charge.

With internet commerce having made geographical boundaries and time zones irrelevant, Microsoft Office 365 from GoDaddy can be of immense help in elevating your image while connecting a dispersed team seamlessly.

Improve your business image with personalized email

There really is no reason why any small business should use a free personal email account to communicate with its clients and other important stakeholders, when it can easily opt for a personalized email based on a business domain.

Microsoft Office 365 Email from GoDaddy comes with a host of features like a shared calendar, Skype and online storage that make it ideal for small businesses. Set up the GoDaddy Microsoft Office 365 email account for your business today and take your business to the next level!