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3,200+ web designers and developers sign up for EXPAND 2021 online conference

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Brian Pereira

More than 3,200 web designers, developers and other Makers of the Web from India registered for Expand 2021 on 24 September. This online conference featured talks by prominent members of the tech and business community.

GoDaddy hosted this free, one-day virtual event specifically for freelance professionals such as web designers and developers.

In case you missed it — or want to relive any of the highlights from the event — we’ve included all the best videos here.

Conference speakers addressed current environment

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the realities of business, and the rules for web pros to engage with clients changed along with them. Event attendees shared strategies for the way forward, including:

  • Ecommerce opportunities
  • Tech insights
  • Skilling
  • Website and business security
  • Customer care

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Online conference kick-off with Nikhil Arora

EXPAND 2021 began with this keynote address from GoDaddy India Vice President and Managing Director Nikhil Arora.

1. Introduction to GoDaddy Pro

Here Guarav Nakul, India lead for GoDaddy Pro, outlined the features of the Hub by GoDaddy Pro.

He was joined by Hub user Felix Thattil, Director and CIO of Mumbai-based TurtleDove Technologies. Mr. Thattil said that during his six years of work with GoDaddy, “Whenever we have approached GoDaddy for help, we have never been disappointed.”

2. Evolution of digital business and importance of skilling for India's economic recovery 

In this session, GoDaddy India Vice President Nikhil Arora talks with Abhishek Singh, CEO of MyGov. Learn the steps the government of India has taken to address the hardships faced by small and medium businesses due to Covid-19.

3. Ecommerce opportunities for web pros in 2021

Andrew Stevens, Sales Director of Repunext, shared exclusive insights into India’s booming e-commerce sector. His talk touched upon the different growth categories, key trends and how web pros can leverage these to grow their businesses in the best possible way.

4. Innovating for customer growth and retention

In this session, three business owners talked about how COVID-19 affected their businesses and what changes can be expected going forward. 

  • Abhinav Jain, CEO and Co-founder, Almond Solutions
  • Gautam Bali, Managing Director of Prestige Marketing
  • Ankit Mehrotra, Co-founder & CEO, Dineout

5. The best time to be a web professional is now!

A panel of three business owners shared their startup stories and explain how GoDaddy Pro is enabling them to serve more clients more effectively.

6. Deconstructing the future of web development in India

This fireside chat with Kriti Aggarwal, founder of Aanha Services, covers her startup story, as well as the challenges faced by women in tech.

7. Securing your customer’s website and your business

Here Victor Santoyo, Sr. Account Executive for Sucuri Security | GoDaddy, showed conference attendees how to protect their clients' business reputations by securing their sites. Check out this Website Security Checklist Victor shared.

8. Redefining customer support for web pros

Rohit Makhija, Senior Director of Customer Care at GoDaddy, delivered a session on how to boost client satisfaction through world-class service.

EXPAND 2021 was created for the professionals who are driving India’s digital rise. During the online conference, web developers and designers were able to learn, connect and establish a presence in a community of like-minded peers.

That journey can be accelerated by becoming a GoDaddy Pro member and using The Hub for multi-client site management.

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The Hub by GoDaddy Pro is a new solution that brings together a set of pro-specific tools, features, and benefits into one easy-to-use dashboard. Custom-built for web designers and developers, it will help you build your business and efficiently deliver results for your clients.

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