WordCamp Asia 2024: The excitement builds as we head to Taipei

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Courtney Robertson

One of the most thrilling events for WordPress enthusiasts is coming up on the calendar: WordCamp Asia 2024. From March 7 to 9 in Taipei, Taiwan, this event will be a hub of new ideas, learning, and community vibes. By the numbers so far, you'll find

  • 38 Sponsors
  • 56+ Speakers
  • 47 organizers
  • 500 contributors on the Contributor Day
  • 2,000+ attendees

For a look back at last year's groundbreaking event, check out our coverage of the inaugural WordCamp Asia here.

A Global WordPress Extravaganza

WordCamp Asia 2024 is more than just a conference. It's a worldwide festival of everything WordPress, attracting an estimated 2,000 attendees from more than 70 countries. Imagine the diversity, the stories, and the shared passion for WordPress that will fill the air!

Taipei: Where Tradition Meets Tech

Taipei is a city where old temples and new skyscrapers share the same space, showing a mix of tradition and progress. WordPress also has this balance, maintaining backward compatibility while adopting the newest web technology developments. This vibrant mix demonstrates WordPress's capacity to change while remaining faithful to its origins.

Taipei, Taiwan skyline at night in October 2015

A Schedule Packed with Learning and Networking

The schedule for WordCamp Asia 2024 includes exciting talks and panel discussions. It aims to both inspire and educate attendees. Don't miss the after-party for relaxation and networking.

For updates on WordCamp Asia 2024, including for both in-person and online attendees, check back on this post. We'll share highlights, photos, and videos live. Our goal is to ensure full participation, whether you're in Taipei or joining from afar.

The People Behind the Magic

Every great event is powered by its people, and WordCamp Asia 2024 is no exception.

Organizers, a team of committed volunteers, work hard to make every part of the event, from talks to socials, engaging and impactful.

WordCamp Asia 2024 Wapuu


Meet Wapuu: The Face of WordCamp Asia 2024

No WordCamp is complete without its own Wapuu, and 2024's mascot is a delightful representation of the event's spirit and host city. This year's Wapuu is ready to welcome attendees with open arms and a smile as big as the WordPress community's heart.

Contributor Day: Where Collaboration Blossoms

Before the main event, Contributor Day offers a unique opportunity for attendees to give back to the WordPress project. Whether you're a developer, designer, marketer, or writer, there's a place for you to contribute and make WordPress even better. Find your place with the New Contributor quiz.

Join Us on This Journey

As proud sponsors of WordCamp Asia 2024, we at GoDaddy are thrilled to support an event that brings together the brightest minds in the WordPress community. We believe in the power of open source and the creativity it unleashes.

We can't wait to see what innovations and ideas emerge from this gathering. Be sure to meet our team while you're there:

  • Giorgi Mamadashvili
  • Mike Schroder
  • Courtney Robertson
  • Maja Loncar
  • Auch Lim
  • Nada ElSharkawy
  • Ka Leng
  • I-Wen Chang
  • Josh Hammer
  • Krystle Herbrandson
  • Justin Nealey
  • Michael Evert
  • Adam Warner
  • Drew Wilde
  • Dineth Mendis
  • Gaurav Nakul

We're eager to meet you at our booth on the first floor of the sponsor hall. You’ll not only learn about our tools that help you and your clients succeed, but also an exciting game of chance where everyone is a winner! You’ll also have the opportunity to enter our grand prize giveaway at the WordCamp closing remarks. What is the grand prize? Visit our booth to find out and enter.

So please mark your calendars, book your flights, and join us in Taipei for what promises to be an unforgettable experience. Stay tuned to the official WordCamp Asia 2024 website for updates and details on how you can be a part of this incredible event.

Let's make WordCamp Asia 2024 the best one yet. See you in Taipei!