How to get more web design work

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Cate Barker

As a web developer, you know that more and more businesses understand the need for a business website. Yet many cannot afford to pay for web development. Why not offer these people a low-cost website option? This is a sure way to get more web design work.

Offer multiple price points

There’s a popular pricing strategy called versioning. It works for services like web development just as well as it works for products like cars and mobile phones.

Versioning is the practice of offering different versions of the same service for varying prices.

How is this done? Rather than viewing a product or service as one static set of features, you offer different versions of the product or service. For example, you might offer:

  • A high-end version that has advanced features and options.
  • A version designed for the middle ground. It not only has basic features, but several advanced features as well.
  • A starter version with basic features.
Web Design Work GoDaddy Hosting Price Table
This is an example of versioning. More features are offered as the price increases.

The goal is to meet the needs of a wider range of clients, from those with modest means to those with more to spend. By this means, you may garner more web design work.

Versioning works for web designers, too

You have probably seen retailers offer various versions of a product — the higher-priced version has more features, while the lower-priced version has fewer. Both satisfy the basic requirements of the product or service.

This strategy brings customers in the door who otherwise couldn’t afford your services.

A web designer might offer different web design bundles with varying degrees of customisation or features. So your customers have the option of getting a basic set of services for less or an advanced set of services at a higher price.

In addition to capturing the price-sensitive client who might otherwise walk away, adding a low-end option opens the door to additional business income down the road.

Perhaps a client starts with your low-cost version but outgrows it in time. Who will they call when they decide they’re ready to expand their web presence? You, naturally.

Introducing your new starter option

Web Design Work GoDaddy Online Starter Bundle

GoDaddy has just introduced a basic business startup kit called Online Starter Bundle. This bundle is designed for the price-sensitive website consumer. It includes:

  • An Indian domain name ending with .in or
  • An email account based on that domain name
  • A one-page visiting card website

While small business owners can avail this product themselves via the GoDaddy website, many will not know about it. Others will find it far easier to let a pro handle it for them.

Web Design Work OSB Visiting Card Example
Simply customise the template with your client’s details and publish.

Online Starter Bundle is a low-cost way to put your clients online that:

  • Takes less than five minutes set up
  • Is locally relevant
  • Can be purchased as a single bundle
  • Costs only 3 Rs per day

In five minutes, your client can have a unique domain, a professional email address and a visiting card web page. All thanks to you.

Benefits to you

The benefits of offering Online Starter Bundler to your customers are many.

To begin, it allows you to sign clients who might otherwise be turned away by your standard web design/development costs. Once they have signed on with you, the chances are high that they will turn to you for any future web needs.

Online Starter Bundle also gives you a way to:

  • Buy a domain name and email together at a discount
  • Create a temporary site ‘til the client’s new site is ready, allowing the domain to garner SEO points
  • Give your client a one-pager site and email within minutes of signing the contract

As usual, members of GoDaddy’s Pro program get reward points on each new purchase, including Online Starter Bundle. These turn into savings on future purchases.

To get more web design work, give more

Consider offering Online Starter Bundle to your prospective clients. In this way, you can bring price-sensitive clients in with your lowest level of service (Online Starter Bundle) then continue to service them for the life of their businesses. It’s just smart business.