How to manage your client’s hosting account with ease

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Justin Nealey

As a web designer or developer, there are a few different ways to manage your client's hosting account. You can host all your client's websites in your account, but that can get messy. You can have your clients send you their usernames and passwords for their accounts, but that isn't safe or secure.

Or, you can use GoDaddy Pro to manage their accounts without asking for passwords and letting your clients retain their products.

GoDaddy Pro has one login for all your clients, securely putting client sites at your fingertips to easily manage their existing GoDaddy products. It's packed with a bunch of other benefits, too, but for the sake of this post, we're going to focus on how you can use GoDaddy Pro to manage your client's accounts.

If you haven't signed up for this free tool, you can do so here. Let's go through how you can use GoDaddy Pro to accomplish this.

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First things first, requesting access

Before you can jump into your client's account, you need to add your client to your Pro account and then send the request. This part is easy.

  • On the left-hand menu inside the Pro Dashboard, click on the Clients icon.
  • If your client is not in the list, choose Add another client.
    add client
  • Add in your client's name and company, then click save.
    client info
  • Your window will redirect to a new management page for your client. To request access, well, click Request access!
    Request Access
  • You'll have the option of two different access levels.

    Manage Products, which only allows you to manage the client’s products in their account.

    Manage Products & Purchase
    , which gives you the ability to purchase products using the credit card stored in their profile.

    You can let the client know their information is safe, as you won’t be able to see or change their payment info.

  • The Request Access form will appear after making your selection. The email address you enter here does not have to be the exact email tied to their account. They'll receive an email with a link to log in to assign their account with your Pro Profile. You can modify the message that appears here however you'd like or keep it how it is. When you're ready, hit Send email.
    send pro access email

And that's it! It should now say Request Sent on your page, and an email was sent off to your client. The ball is in their court now. I do recommend letting them know to expect an email from GoDaddy about the request to speed the process so you can get started managing their account quicker.

Managing your client's account

Now that your client has given you access let's review how to manage their products. For this, you'll head back to your Pro Dashboard and click the Clients icon on the left-hand menu. Then click directly on the client's widget to open up their account within your Pro Profile.

The client's profile

client profile

The client's profile has a few areas of importance.

  • On the right-hand side, you'll be able to see recent activity between you and the client.
  • Below their name is a quick link to log directly into their account - Login as client.
  • Access Level is a quick link to see what the current access level is and an option to adjust this.
  • Add Products link to create a virtual shopping cart of GoDaddy products you recommend for the client to purchase
  • Products will show you every product within their account, and most products have a quick link to manage right into it, saving you even more time.

Adding products for your client

Clicking the Add Products link brings up a catalog to search through. You can find or transfer domains and add almost any product GoDaddy offers. In the catalog, you can choose specific tiers of each product as well as the term length. When you've got your cart together for your client, the next step is to hit continue.

Did you know you get reward points when your client purchases products from the carts you send them?

You can then turn those reward points into in-store credit to use towards purchases in your account.

shop for products

You'll then be met with a few different options depending on what level of access you have with your client. If you have both product and purchase access, you'll have the following options available:

My card

This charges your card on file with GoDaddy. The products will be managed in your GoDaddy account.

Client's card

We charge the client's GoDaddy card on file. The products will be managed in their GoDaddy account.

Email cart to client

We email the client a shopping cart to purchase. The email template can be modified before sending, and they can change the cart, add new products, or adjust new terms

That's it! Products either are purchased and ready to use or waiting to be purchased by your client.

Managing your client's products

Now that you know how to get your client's the right product, let's go over how to manage those products.

There are two ways to get to your client's products to manage. In your client's profile within GoDaddy Pro, either click Login as client below their name to access the My Products page or click Manage to the right of the product to jump directly into the product and save some time.

login as client
manage products

With a simple click of a button, you can now manage your client's hosting accounts and products without ever having to ask for another password. This will save you a ton of time trying to track down your client's information while keeping your client secure.

Want to learn more about GoDaddy Pro?

We have a course that goes over the program and how to get the most from it.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • The benefits of GoDaddy Pro
  • The benefits of having your clients and websites all in one place
  • How to navigate the GoDaddy Pro Dashboard
  • How to add new clients and websites
  • The ins and outs of member benefits and rewards

Click here to watch my get started video.