The SiteCook takes its client management up a notch

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Nidhi Hola

The SiteCook, as the name suggests, specializes in serving up beautiful websites to clients around the world. But it wasn’t until the agency found GoDaddy’s client management services that their business really took off.

The SiteCook’s philosophy of ‘first impression is the lasting one’ guides them in their efforts to create effective websites. “Your website is the first entity that interacts with the visitor, so your website should speak for itself!” says its Founder and CEO, Gautam Khorana.

Started in mid-2016 to meet the digital and social media needs of startups, The SiteCook is based out of two thriving cities — Gurgaon, India and San Francisco, USA.

The SiteCook is a creative agency with an eye for design.

Driven by a team of creative intellectuals, the agency provides holistic solutions that resonate with their clients and deliver on business results. With a team of 22 people who work across time zones, The SiteCook has now extended its services beyond the initial website design offering.

Client Management Woman on Chaise
The SiteCook has offices in Gurgaon, India and San Francisco, USA.
Photo: SiteCook

Gautam decided to sign up for the GoDaddy Pro Program a year into starting the company so that their clients could enjoy and experience service levels that were a notch higher. “As our customer base grew, the GoDaddy Pro Program helped us manage and serve our clients better and with greater ease,” says Gautam.

Two cooks, one delightful experience

For The SiteCook to succeed, they needed to manage all their clients’ digital needs — be it website design and maintenance or renewals of domain names and hosting packages. But the more clients they gained, the more difficult client management became.

The GoDaddy Pro Program offered all the ingredients The SiteCook needed to serve its client base.

The SiteCook was able to sign up and start with GoDaddy Pro in a matter of minutes. They found the information they wanted was easy-to-access on the GoDaddy website.

GoDaddy Pro is designed specifically to serve web professionals and their client management needs. It includes automated tools, advanced support and other features to manage and monitor multiple customer accounts.

Early signs of success

The SiteCook was able to experience the value of GoDaddy’s program immediately.

GoDaddy Pro was built exclusively for web designers and developers to manage their client portfolios with ease.

“I can describe the benefits we received as three-fold,” elaborates Gautam. “It made managing our clients easier, got us access to pro support and helped us extend special deals and offers (that we receive as part of the program) to our customers.”

Client management made easy

GoDaddy Pro helps to make account management effortless for The SiteCook. The agency manages all their clients in one place, via a single login and without the need for juggling client passwords.

Client Management Man At Desk
Photo: SiteCook

Access client products securely

GoDaddy Pro’s one-click access feature allows team members to securely log in to any client’s GoDaddy account with a single click. They can activate and manage clients’ products at all times without compromising their security.

Dedicated support available round the clock

GoDaddy’s Pro program offers 24X7 pro support, a feature that has been accessed by The SiteCook several times. The fact that they are able to resolve all issues via phone support has helped them earn kudos with their clients.

Referral service sends leads your way

Further, GoDaddy Pro also lists services of Indian web professionals on its website, which helps agencies like The SiteCook showcase their work and sign clients at zero marketing spend.

“Becoming a GoDaddy Pro has been a win-win for us as we are able to utilize technology to grow our client’s businesses with great work ethics, integrity and end-results,” shares Gautam.

Client management is the key

The SiteCook’s business philosophy has been one of giving their clients nothing but the best. Having delivered 200+ websites so far, they have received a five-star rating from 99 percent of their customers. Thanks to GoDaddy, their client management is far more streamlined than it once was.

With GoDaddy Pro, The SiteCook has been able to further enhance its star ratings with its clients.

“The GoDaddy Pro program has been vital in being able to provide our customers with a wholesome experience,” says Gautam signing off.