What will you bring to .life?

Everyone is looking for a way to bring joy, enthusiasm and a sense of belonging – things that help them live life to the fullest. A .life domain is an expression of what you bring to make their lives even better.

.life inspires action and connection.

In an uncertain world, .life brings a fresh and fundamentally positive invitation to join a movement, find global community and connect over something meaningful. People are drawn to the sense of vitality and enthusiasm that awaits — and they’re inspired by what they find.

A .life domain is perfect for:

  • Wellness and health experts
  • Charities
  • Personal development enthusiasts
  • Coaches
  • Lifestyle bloggers
  • Community leaders
  • Anyone who wants to share a piece of their .life

Uplift and inspire with a .life domain. Find out more about .life domains and other specific registration requirements.

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