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    Authorize Godaddy to resell a domain name close to expire. List for free as an expiring domain.

    Hi Godaddy Team, I would like to ask a question if possible about Godaddy auctions. Back one year ago, a domain of mine is close to be expired, and Godaddy asked me if you want to resell it at Godaddy auctions for free as an expiring domain. Then, no sales after. I have a domain name now, and I want Godaddy to resell it at auctions as EXPIRING Domain, not public. the domain is close to expire. Is there something I can do?

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    Hi @zerkamaz


    If you wish to make money on a domain in the GoDaddy auctions, the domain must be active and still be in your control (not expired). You may list it in our auctions prior to expiration or renewal if you wish to see if there is an interested buyer.


    All expired domains go into auction after a period of time when the previous owner has decided not (or failed) to renew. Failure to renew surrenders your ownership of the domain (and therefore any proceeds to a sale). 


    For some great answers to auction questions, check out the article here.



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